English Medieval Coins – Edward IV – York – ‘Archbishop Sharp Collection’ Pennies [2


ENGLISH MEDIEVAL COINS – EDWARD IV – YORK – ‘ARCHBISHOP SHARP COLLECTION ‘ PENNIES [ 2 ] 1464-1470 and 1480-1483 AD First predominate, lighter coinage, local dies. Obv : facing female chest with G left and key right with EDWARD DEI GRA REX ANG caption and ‘plain cross ‘ mintmark. revolutions per minute : long hybrid and pellets with quatrefoil and CIVI TAS EBO RACI caption for York mint. second reign, character XXI. Obv : face raid with T left and slanting cardinal right with EDWARD DI GRA REX ANGL caption and ‘rose ‘ mintmark. rev up : long cross and pellets with quatrefoil and CIVI TAS EBO RACI legend for York mint. 0.75, 0.73 grams. [ 2, No Reserve ] Condition Good fine ; old tone. Provenance Ex Morton & Eden Ltd sale ; once in the Archbishop John Sharp ( 1644-1714 ) collection. Literature S. 2062 ; N. 1594/S. 2134 ; N. 1654. Footnotes Dr John Sharp ( 1644-1714 ), Archbishop of York from 1691 was an enthusiastic collector and scholar of coins and medals ; his sake seems to have begun around 1687 when, as Rector of St Giles in the Fields, he ‘ found it a full divertisement in the even ’. In contrast to about all his numismatic forbears and contemporaries who were concerned in Ancient Greece and Rome, Sharp selected the coinages of the british Isles and, to a lesser extent, the Colonies and Continental Europe, as his choose fields. He wrote his ‘ Observations on the neologism of England with a letter to Mr [ Ralph ] Thoresby ’ in 1698-99, which was to circulate amongst numismatists in manuscript shape for closely a hundred before being last printed in 1785. subsequent owners of the Sharp collection obviously added to the collection. The historical sequence of ownership of the collection runs as follows : ( iodine ) Dr John Sharp ( 1644-1714 ), Archbishop of York ; ( two ). John Sharp ( 1674-1726 ), eldest son of the Archbishop, of Grafton Park, Northamptonshire ; ( three ) Dr Thomas Sharp ( 1693-1758 ), his brother, who was Archdeacon of Northumberland and Prebendary of Durham ; ( four ) .His son Dr John Sharp ( 1723-1792 ), Vicar of Hartburn, Perpetual Curate of Bamburgh, who succeeded his forefather as Archdeacon of Northumberland and who oversaw extensive restoration of the largely-ruined Bamburgh Castle ; ( volt ) His daughter Anne Jemima Sharp ( 1762-1816 ), who bequeathed it in her will to her uncle Granville Sharp ( 1735-1813 ), the big Anti-Slavery campaigner. In the event Granville died before his niece, so that on her death in 1819 it passed to her first cousin, another great-granddaughter of the Archbishop : ( six ) Catherine Sharp ( 1770-1843 ) of Clare Hall, near Barnet, whose husband Rev. Andrew Boult took the name Sharp on marriage ; ( seven ) Her nephew Thomas Barwick Lloyd-Baker ( 1807-86 ), the social reformer and ornithologist who was besides a direct descendant of the Archbishop through his maternal grandfather William Sharp ( 1729-1810 ), George III ’ mho surgeon ; thence by origin. During the 1960s and 1970s substantial from the celebrated Archbishop Sharp Collection was sold through the representation of dealers A.H. Baldwin & Sons, and Owen Parsons of Gloucester. There were auctions of Continental Coins ( Sotheby & Co., 14 March 1966 ) and the particularly significant English Coins and Medals Charles I – Anne ( and Colonial Coins ) held by Glendining & Co., 5 October 1977. The cataloger of the latter sale drew attention to the classifiable tone found on many of the Archbishop Sharp silver coins, a feature of speech which applies evenly to the pieces offered here. Some of these have been studied and occasionally referenced in the past .

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