The Arcana: cheats – Coins, Trinkets, and Keys explained

As fluid ocular novels go, The Arcana is one of the most charming. As a sorcerer ‘s apprentice, you woo one of six divers characters while solving the mysterious murder of Vesuvia ’ s previous ruler : Count Lucio .
Like many games on io and Android however, you are not free to progress through The Arcana ’ s story at your leisure. To see everything there is to see in The Arcana, you need to balance three currencies : Keys, Coins, and Trinkets .
Keys are used to read and reread chapters, so are fabulously authoritative to your progress. For walkthroughs of the three independent characters ‘ stories, we have a page linked here .
Coins unlock paid dialogue options within chapters which, although they don ’ thyroxine count towards which character ending you receive, are normally some of the best scenes in the game.

They can besides be used to buy books, which permanently unlocks chapters and all the paid choices within them, adenine well as other items .
last Trinkets are obtained from the Wheel of Fortune, and are used to watch special scenes in The Arcana .
They can besides be bought and sold for Coins .
once you ’ ve read the Prologue chapters one to five, Arcana splits into six spokes – each a different version of the narrative where you romance a different character .
There are presently routes for :

  • Countess Nadia
  • Dr Julian
  • Your master, Asra
  • Muriel
  • Lucio
  • And the head servant, Portia

The last three on the list aren ’ thyroxine dispatch even, and are still a work in progress .
While there are fewer options than something like Mystic Messenger, there ‘s inactive batch to play through .

How to get more keys in The Arcana

Since you need Keys to read every chapter in The Arcana, you will be using a fortune of them to see your darling love story through to fruition .
The most basic way to get Keys is to wait. Your three core Keys will refresh themselves over time, so if you wait a sidereal day once they ’ re depleted you ’ ll be ready to go again .
however, merely reading three chapters a day doesn ’ triiodothyronine lend itself to binging through the fib to get to some of The Arcana ’ s steamier sections .
To build up more than three, your best bet is to head over to the Heart Hunter mini-game in the Dailes menu. here, by collecting sets of Postcards from different characters, you can earn items as rewards – this includes supernumerary Keys .

The sets of Postcards are based around the different locations on the board, so try to focus your efforts on winning with unlike characters on the same spot .

The Arcana Keys cheat

last, there is an feat which refills your daily Keys more quickly. however, abusing this sort of thing can lead to inconsistencies in your game or difficulties with your report .
Like with many mobile games, the freshen timekeeper for The Arcana is linked to your system clock rather than anything else. This means that you can advance your device ’ s clock forward a day in the Settings and the game will refresh everything – your Keys, the Dailies, everything.

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once again, though – I wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate rede you to mess with it. But hey, it ’ s not like you ’ re my Apprentice or anything .

How to get more Coins in The Arcana

The most entice transactions in The Arcana are the ones you make with Coins. Most much, Coins unlock extra scenes within chapters which shed more light or characters ’ personalities and motivations. broadly, they have short effect on the overarching history – and it has been confirmed by Nix Hydra that they have absolutely no impression on which ending you see .
Coins can besides be used to buy Trinkets, Books so that you don ’ t have to use keys to read chapters, a well as Tarot Readings of your fortune .

There are a few ways to get more Coins. The first base is to, like with Keys, accomplished sets of Postcards in the Heart Hunter mini-game. This takes the most feat, but is besides a lucrative source of Coins .
The second is to log in to The Arcana every sidereal day and go to the Tarot Dailies riddle. Each new day you boot up the game, you will receive a little come of coins .
There ’ randomness besides a chance you can be randomly selected to view adverts within the game in exchange for some coins. apparently this feature is however being beta tested, so it isn ’ thymine reliable .
last, you can obviously purchase more coins from the in-game storehouse .
Beware “ hacks ” claiming to give you infinite Coins in any mobile game. These are normally scam which either install malicious applications on your device, make money from you by tricking you into downloading extra software, or fair get your shop history banned .

How to get Trinkets in The Arcana

Trinkets are character-related items you get from the Wheel of Fortune .

You can either get Trinkets randomly from the Wheel, or buy them individually for 50 Coins .
Apprentices receive one free spin every day, or can purchase more for 20 coins .
once you ’ ve collected one or two of each character of Trinket – or 100 entire – you can view “ Special Scenes ”. These are broadly fun mash-ups featuring many different romanceable characters in charming situations.

You can see bits and pieces of these limited scenes around the internet, so we ’ ll item you in the right guidance, but beware of spoilers !
The beginning is called Nadia ’ south Birthday, and there ’ s a video of it linked here .
The second base special Scene is called Haunted Holiday, which we ’ ve not found a recording of, but you can see parts of it on Tumblr ( linked here ) – be extra leery of spoilers when searching Arcana on sociable !

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