As some of you know I ’ molarity very committed to the Mac ecosystem. I have Mac laptops, an iPad with over 4000 books, iPhone ( not the latest because who needs that ), a watch Apple TVs x 4 etc etc. I ’ m besides highly gamble antipathetic and overcast wary. I gave in and let Apple put all my books in the cloud good because iTunes sucks for syncing and cloud synchronize worked across all my devices however I besides had a drawn-out open support visit last year with Apple wanting to know where my books were now stored on my Mac so I could find them and back them up
“ they are all in the cloud ”
“ yes I get that but they are besides on my laptop therefore where are they ”
“ no they are only in the swarm ”

“ well that ’ s not true because here I go, switching off wireless local area network and hey I can however read my books in ibooks so they are hera somewhere ”
.. > > pause for several weeks whilst this is escalated > > > >
“ they are on your Macbook but stored in a way you can ’ thyroxine find them or access them ”
( please no advice on this one, I found my own workaround to find them and backup un-DRM copies )
So.. iCloud. I agreed about 18 months ’ ago to let my Documents and Desktop folders sync to iCloud. My only reason for that was thus that I could get at files if I needed to on my iPad or by logging into any browser but tbh I rarely used it. still it worked and seemed a decent estimate .
then one Saturday about two weeks ’ ago it all went dreadfully wrong..
I was sat working when I got an alert saying facetime had been added to my watch. Which was odd. My lookout is 18 months old and was on my wrist and nothing had changed. The watch itself had no alert. So off I go digging and I find under my report and devices a list of my current watch and an old lookout I wiped and sold to a friend to give to his wife 18 months ago. Well however odd but no big deal. They hadn ’ t done anything so distinctly fair an odd elf. Just in case I removed that old watch from my devices .
then I got alerts saying my credit cards had been removed from my watch. Except they hadn ’ triiodothyronine been removed from the lookout on my wrist and the other watch was flattened before I handed it over 18 months ago .
I did some inquiry, found nothing nefarious and let it go. I did notice I had been logged out of all my Apple accounts on all my devices and things like Sonos had to be re-authorised again. Weird and annoying but a side effect of whatever happened I assume**
then a few days late I restarted my laptop. I credibly only restart it every two weeks indeed this was the first prison term since that alert. The laptop restarts but finder and anything that uses finder like spotlight or even concluding were wholly not responsive. They would briefly bring long adequate for me to type 2 characters or chink on a booklet then there would be a spinning ball for about 25 seconds before it would respond. That gradually got slower and slower over a few minutes. so off we go to research because I now have a break laptop .
After respective hours research we found this article which gave a bit of a clue as it pointed to a cloud putrescence problem hypertext transfer protocol : //

Unlike some of the other Finder troubles, the Finder procedure normally doesn ’ thymine eat much CPU or crash repeatedly, it ’ south just inordinately boring when loading folder views, populating files, and opening folders.

so I followed the instructions and deleted the files they specify and immediately my laptop was more responsive. OK.. Well that was a chilling good afternoon and I ’ ll barely go ahead and disable cloud syncing indeed that never happens again .
Did you know Apple doesn ’ triiodothyronine let you do that ? If you disable cloud synchronize for Documents anbd Desktop it actually deletes the contents of those folders and keeps the files in the cloud for 30 days in font you want them back. So that ’ s dumb. I decided to move the contents of both folders to temp folders, disable cloud syncing then move them back but my laptop was working and I was interfering so I parked that for by and by .
Later…. about a workweek late again the Finder sluggishness came back but this time I knew how to fix it. Once it was fixed I went ahead and moved the contents of both Documents and Desktop to irregular folders, disabled cloud synchronize and moved them back. My laptop immediately started working, finder was faster than it had been for a identical long time and I ’ ve had no more problems .
now I wonder if that first alert about this not existent “ watch ” was a harbinger to some defile putrescence on my account. That cloud corruption caused all the authentication for my account to be lost and besides corrupted the authentication for my cloud data which merely tried to reconnect when I signed back into the OS .
** for anyone who was wondering if I had asked an apple “ brilliance ” about this. Yes I did. no they had no clue what I was talking about since most of them are “ iphone experts ” in store now and the one who called me back seemed to think I made it up .
Lesson learned. Apple iCloud for all but my books is now disabled .

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