Apple ‘s Find My app good got way more useful. While it ‘s great for locating a lost or stolen iPad, iPhone, ipod Touch, Apple Watch, Mac, and AirPods, arsenic well as anything attached to an AirTag tracker, it ‘s even better nowadays that it works with third-party accessories and gear. It ‘s a big deal since you could combine all of your traceable Bluetooth accessories into one location-sniffing app that ‘s secret and batten. It besides opens up third-party manufacturers to Apple ‘s new crowdsourced Find My network, which leverages other people ‘s Apple products to help locate your missing items. “ Offline Finding “ was first released in io 13 and has since been rebranded “ Find My network. ” The Find My network is huge and works globally, with “ hundreds of millions of Apple devices ” active, according to Apple .

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The Find My network accessory platform is a part of Apple ‘s Made for iPhone ( MFi ) program, and any third-party manufacturer can jump on board with newfangled or exist products. Developers in the course of study can add a “ Works with Apple Find My ” badge to their products when approved, making it clear that it ‘s Find My ready. And soon, they will be able to leverage Ultra Wideband engineering for more precise device coordinates.

Apple is besides announcing a draft specification for chipset manufacturers that will be released subsequently this spring. With this, third-party device makers will be able to take advantage of Ultra Wideband engineering in U1-equipped Apple devices, creating a more precise, directionally mindful experience when nearby .

You can track third-party accessories and gear from the new “ Items ” check in the Find My app, which first appeared in an io 14.5 beta update but has since gone live on io 14.3 and belated. Third-Party Accessories & Gear That Work with Apple's 'Find My' NetworkThird-Party Accessories & Gear That Work with Apple's 'Find My' NetworkImages via Apple

Option 1: VanMoof S3 & X3 E-Bikes

VanMoof ‘s S3 and X3 e-bike models, which are available to buy correct now for $ 2,198 each, have been compatible with Find My since April 15. They already have onboard alarms and bright location tracking in the VanMoof app, but it ‘s decent to have everything consolidated in Find My so you can track locations from one place.

Third-Party Accessories & Gear That Work with Apple's 'Find My' NetworkImage by VanMoof/Apple

Option 2: Belkin Soundform Freedom True Wireless Earbuds

Belkin is coming out with a new Soundform Freedom True Wireless Earbuds that will last all day, has dual mics, uses advanced environmental noise cancelation, and gives you deep bass with clear mids and highs. The charging casing will work with Find My out of the box, but they wo n’t be released until erstwhile in June. These earbuds were first gear announced at CES 2011 early this year and will retail for $ 99.99. Third-Party Accessories & Gear That Work with Apple's 'Find My' NetworkImage by Belkin/Apple

Option 3: Chipolo ONE Spot Item Finder

Apple ‘s own AirTags were released on April 30, but the company had already approved item-finding smart tags from a third-party manufacturer called Chipolo. The new Chipolo ONE Spot is equitable like its current Chipolo ONE trackers, but it merely works on the Find My network, so the Chipolo app is for all of the other track tags it makes. These trackers are adept for finding your keys, backpack, purse, gymnasium bag, jacket, baggage, and other items you can throw it in or tie it to. The ONE Spot will be available sometime in June for an undisclosed price, and preorders begin sometime during the workweek of May 10. The stream ONE trackers go for $ 25 each ( cheaper with multipacks ), so it might be similarly priced.

Third-Party Accessories & Gear That Work with Apple's 'Find My' NetworkImage by Chipolo/Apple

Other Third-Party Products That May Support Find My

justly nowadays, those products are the lone ones that have announced support for the Find My network, but there are certain to be many that follow. One that may not work with Find My anytime soon is Tile, which has been excessively critical about Apple opening up Find My to third-party accessories and making its own unconfirmed AirTags trackers. As for others, only time will tell, but some guesses could be made by looking at developers already in the MFi program .

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Cover image via Chipolo/VanMoof

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