Find My Not Working? Here Are 7 Easy Solutions (2022)

Is Find My iPhone not working for you ? Or possibly the Find My Friends function is giving you trouble oneself ? Whether you ‘re having issues viewing the location of your Apple device or acquaintance, we ‘ll show you how to check, trouble-shoot, and properly enable the necessitate settings.
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typically, there are three groups of people troubleshooting the Find My app : those who have never set it up ahead, individuals who have set it up but are having issues, and people dealing with potentially stolen devices. Because there are a bevy of solutions for troubleshooting the Find My app, this article focuses on the second base group. indeed if you’ve already set up Find My for devices or friends, but have found that the placement is unavailable or no longer update, read on to learn how to resolve this emergence .

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Fix #1: Make Sure iCloud & Find My Are Enabled

Is Find My iPhone not sharing placement ? It should n’t happen, but sometimes your device settings are reset in updates. Or possibly you were tinkering in your Settings app trying to resolve an issue and unintentionally toggled something you did n’t intend to. In either case, both of these features must be properly enabled for Find My to work. here ‘s how to check this :

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Tap your name. 

  3. If the iCloud button says Off, tap to set up iCloud. If there’s a number of gigabytes or terabytes listed here, then your iCloud is enabled. 

  4. Tap Find My

  5. Tap Find My iPhone

  6. Make sure all three of these toggles are enabled to allow Find My access to your location even when it is turned off (and to send a final location update when your device battery is critically low).

Fix #2: Check Your Battery Levels

not to state the obvious, but it is crucial to note that if your device is out of world power Find My can no longer track the stream placement of the device. If the battery is out or moo, you need to charge your device. however, the good news program is that if you ‘ve followed the instructions in the section above to set up Find My, your device is already set to send a end location update when the battery is critically humble ( so Find My will show the last location of your device before it dies ).

Fix #3: Check Your Internet Connection

Find My requires the device to have internet location to report its stream location. so if your device is out of crop of Wi-Fi or cellular networks or Airplane Mode is enabled, you ‘ll see the device ‘s final acknowledge placement for 24 hours, merely like you do when there ‘s no power. To check if Airplane Mode is enabled :

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap the toggle next to Airplane Mode to turn it off if it is enabled. (The toggle is gray when disabled.)

Fix #4: Turn On Location Services

This solution is if your localization is not being displayed correctly in relative to your devices, friends, and items are. If you ‘re having disturb getting accurate directions to your devices or friends, you might have switched off location Tracking. Follow the steps below to adjust your Location Services settings :

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Privacy.

  3. Tap on Location Services.

  4. Tap on Find My

  5. Select either While Using the App or Ask Next Time Or When I Share

  6. Tap the toggle next to Precise Location

Fix #5: Make Sure Date & Time Are Accurate

This might seem strange, but the date set on your device can affect accurate track. Apple ‘s servers expect devices connecting to them to have the adjust date and clock time, and it can cause problems if they do n’t. If you have a late OS adaptation, your device should prevent you from switching to manual date/time updates for the reason we ‘ve precisely discussed. however, if you have an older adaptation and have unintentionally ( or intentionally ) switched to manually setting the meter and date, here ‘s how to reverse that :

  1. Tap the Settings app.
  2. Tap General.

  3. Tap Date & Time.

  4. If it is not already on, tap to enable the Set Automatically toggle.

    find my iPhone app iOS 15

Fix #6: Sign In with the Same Apple ID

This fix is for those who are having issues finding devices, not finding friends. When you log into Find My iPhone, you have to use the same Apple ID that you are logged into on the device. This is because Apple tracks devices by Apple ID and if you ‘re using another device, you might have by chance switched or logged in with a different Apple ID without knowing it. thus if you ‘re on your laptop checking the location of your iPhone, crack to make certain your are signed into the like Apple ID that your device uses .

Fix #7: Update Your Device

Find my Friends not working ? This is an often overlooked solution, and one we ‘ve had people report that resolved their location tracking issues when using Find My for Friends. If you or your friends are having trouble viewing one another ‘s location, match to make sure you have both updated to the latest software version. New software versions will much resolve bugs and glitches from former releases, and a simple update might good resolve your Find My struggles. If your Find My issues lead the ill-famed iPhone pink screen of death. If that happens, do this .

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