CloudKit end-to-end encryption

CloudKit end-to-end encryption

many Apple services, listed in the Apple Support article iCloud security system overview, use end-to-end encoding with a CloudKit service key protected by iCloud Keychain synchronize. For these CloudKit containers, the key hierarchy is rooted in iCloud Keychain and consequently shares the security characteristics of iCloud Keychain—namely, the keys are available merely on the drug user ’ sulfur trusted devices, and not to Apple or any third base party. If entree to iCloud Keychain data is lost, the data in CloudKit is reset ; and if data is available from the hope local device, it ’ randomness upload again to CloudKit. For more information, see Escrow security for iCloud Keychain .

Messages in iCloud

Messages in iCloud, which keeps a user ’ s entire message history update and available on all devices, besides uses CloudKit throughout encoding with a CloudKit avail key protected by iCloud Keychain synchronize. If the exploiter has enabled iCloud Backup, the CloudKit service key used for the Messages in iCloud container is besides backed up to iCloud to allow the exploiter to recover their messages, tied if they have lost access to iCloud Keychain and their trust devices. This iCloud avail key is rolled whenever the user turns off iCloud Backup .

iCloud Backup condition Trusted device access

recovery options for Messages in iCloud
Enabled User has access to trusted device Data recovery possible using iCloud Backup, access to a trust device, or iCloud Keychain convalescence .
Enabled User has no access to trusted device

Data recovery possible using iCloud Backup or iCloud Keychain recovery .
disabled User has access to trusted device Data convalescence possible using a trust device or iCloud Keychain convalescence .
disable User has no access to trusted device

Data recovery only possible using iCloud Keychain recovery .

iCloud Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay helps protect users primarily when browsing the world wide web with Safari, but it besides includes all DNS name settlement requests. This helps ensure that no individual party, not even Apple, can correlate your IP address and your crop action. It does this by using different proxies, an ingres proxy, managed by Apple and an egress proxy, managed by a content provider. To use iCloud Private Relay, the exploiter must be running io 15 or late, iPadOS 15 or late, or macOS 12.0.1 or subsequently, and be signed in to their iCloud+ account with their Apple ID. iCloud secret relay can then be turned on in Settings > iCloud or System Preferences > iCloud. For more information, see iCloud Private Relay Overview .Published Date: May 13, 2022

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