popular Reddit node Apollo nowadays received a celebrated update that overhauls the notification experience. The app now features custom-made subreddit watchers that provide alerts when capacity you ‘re concerned in is posted, plus it supports alerts for trending posts in your preferable subreddits.

For those who often use the Reddit Remind Me bots, Apollo immediately has an choice to schedule a presentment for a post you want to revisit for an update. The app includes a rebuild inbox notifications know, plus there are customizable notification sounds. In addition, there are 10 modern icons to choose from, plus a count of other smaller tweaks and tease fixes. The integral set of notes for the update are available below.

– trade name fresh, wholly redesign telling experience
– Introducing custom subreddit watchers. fabulously potent, you can nowadays create filters and have Apollo lookout for interesting content in your front-runner subreddits, and get a telling a soon as a matching post exists. so you ‘ll never again miss out on a intrigue discussion about your favored character Mark in your favorite television receiver express subreddit, or about PS5 or Xbox sightings in your city ‘s subreddit, or about the squirrels being posted in r/aww. It ‘s so unbelievably handy.
– Trending subreddit posts. With a tap you can turn on trending post notifications for subreddits of your choose, thus when a post in your darling subreddit does super well, Apollo will send you a little telling to brighten your day
– Remind Me In … tired of summoning “ remind me bots ” in comments ? Apollo can now easily schedule a telling for a post you want an update on, so you can know to come back when OP posts the blue update they promised
– completely rebuild inbox notifications ( mail replies, gloss replies, messages, mentions )
– credibly the best set of icons ever added to Apollo. An absurdly talented gang of designers created some of Apollo ‘s best icons for this update, and guess what, there ‘s like literally 10 of them, ready to make your home screen radiance
– A bunch of new customs presentment sounds. You can tied have A-P-O-L-L-O being typed on a mechanical keyboard as your notification strait !
– lend Video Deblurinator feature/setting which helps with videos not appearing bleary for the first few seconds
– add option to hide media controls by default when opening media spectator
– Improved album/gallery loading focal ratio
– On profiles can sort drug user comments and stake by time period immediately
– greatly improved efficiency with enormous images
– total option to paste Reddit URL into Search tab search bar to open that connection
– Fixed issue where users could be sorted falsely in subreddits number
– choice to share watchers via a URL
– Can long-press on Search pill to promptly go to the search stripe
– Can long-press on Posts tab to promptly jump to the Jump Bar
– Tweaked Apollo logo for Safari extension
– Fixed bug where it looked like you could edit the text of what you were replying to
– Playback accelerate options for YouTube videos using API
– Fixed hemipterous insect where sometimes titles were n’t selectable in Select Mode
– Added choice to completely hide blocked users
– Fixed missing “ Open in YouTube ” setting
– Fixed Markdown formatting for long lists of subreddits in comments
– add reasonably icons for long-pressing telling actions
– Underscores can italicize/bold in Markdown editor nowadays
– Fixed hemipterous insect with favorited users
– Fixed bug where some URLs would n’t open by rights
– Fixed connect of some strange subreddit shortlinks
– Fixed bug where underscores in links could load weirdly in Apollo
– Fixed Open in Apollo redirect loop
– Improved some icons in comment composer
– Fixed weird liveliness when upvoting a comment with a Wikipedia liaison
– Fixed tease where customs gestures and Markdown tables could conflict
– Fixed bug where some table-heavy posts could crash ( largely in r/LeagueOfLegends )
– Keyboard opens faster when commenting
– Fixed bug with Face ID/Touch ID
– Fixed tease where the pulse “ survive sort ” icon for comments would stop animating
– Fixed wiretap with some Reddit shortlinks
– A short ton of other small little improvements

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