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The official 2018 ANZAC Spirit coin collection consists of 15 commemorative 20 and 50 cent coins which are available with the purchase of a News Corp newspaper* -the first coin and a collector folder is dislodge. subsequent coins cost $ 3 with a newspaper buy ( all states except WA* ). This is the fourthly and concluding newspaper coin collector set coins struck by the Royal Australian Mint and distributed by News Corp .
The “ANZAC Spirit -values that defined our nation” is the root for this years concluding hardening in commemorating the ANZAC Centenary 2014-2018. The first coin issued either Saturday or Sunday October 27-28th ( depending on where you live ) is titled “ United ”. The final mint issued on November 11th symbolises what we remember on that day. Each coin represents a value held by Australians and those that have served in war, something we as Australians should be gallant of and what we should strive to be. These values are drawn from a series of stain glass windows above the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier at the Australian War memorial in Canberra .
The 15 coin designs are :
1.United (50 cent) -Many different nationalities, colours and creeds were united in uniform and unite in campaign. This design celebrates the chumminess of war.
2.Resourceful (50 cent) -Celebrates battlefield inventions such as the periscope rifle, the mint design similar to this trope at the AWM.

3.Confident (20 cent) -Cool, composure and confident this visualize is of a WWI sniper
4.Knowledgeable (20 cent) -One outstanding Commander Sir John Monash and his learn of tactics, cognition being the keystone to success in the battlefield. He coordinated and planned with the hope of solving deadlock on the western Front. This coin depicting aircraft drops of ammunition which was vital to resupply the troops.
5.Honest (20 cent) -In depicting war it was up to the correspondents and photographers to show the honest truth of war even when it was uncomfortable. This coin design depicts a camera on a tripod with official war photographer Frank Hurley.
6.Disciplined (20 cent) -In battle discipline was crucial and this coin design depicts training with Lewis machine guns in France, see the AWM image.
7.Patriotic (20 cent) -Being proud of this area and commitment to Britain and the Commonwealth saw willing volunteers march to recruitment offices. This inverse depicts and double of the Cooee borderland where 263 men marched from Gilgandra NSW to Sydney in 1915. In total there were 9 recruitment marches known as the snowball marches as more men joined the master of architecture each day.

8.Devoted (50 cent) -Australian Army nurses were devoted angels to the war wounded. In a white proscenium and veil a nurse bandages a hurt soldier in this coin design.
9.Daring (50 cent) -The begin of the end of the war in the middle east, the Battle of Megiddo where daring mounted light horsemen wielded bayonets as they charged in cavalry stylus. This coin inverse depicts the dash and boldness of this mount offense.

10.Brave (20 cent) -The ultimate recognition for courage in War is being awarded the Victoria Cross decoration. One such recipient role Corporal “ Snowy ” Howell is depicted in this mint design shaking hands with King George V.
11.Curious (20 cent) -Australians enlisting in the war were curious and athirst for gamble. The design seen on this coin is the “ Kulgoa ” laden with new volunteers eager to see what the military could show them of the world.
12.Enduring (20 cent) -The endurance of those that landed on the shores of Gallipoli on April 25th 1915 is commemorated in this coin. Eight agonising months before their elimination these troops had to endure the searing heat of summer, bitterness cold of winter, outbreaks of disease and a flat diet. Following this was a further three years enduring the flyblown trenches of the western Front.
13.Loyal (20 cent) -Loyal volunteers on the home front raised money, packed food and invest parcels, home comforts and gifts that were sent afield to bring easing and a smell of home to soldiers.
14.Independent (20 cent) -This mint depicts an australian Flying Corps ( AFC ) original in front of his individual seater aircraft. These AFC squadrons were the first to serve independently from Britain and australian airmen became skilled at working self-sufficiently.
15.Decisive (20 cent) -Tough heavily decisions leading through the chaos of war saw the Armistice signed at 11am on November 11 1918 ( 11.11.11 ). The elation can be seen in the coin design in this decisive consequence, the end of the war.

* See the ANZAC Coin Collection web site for more details. Each coin is available to collect from October 27 – November 10, 2018 ( VIC, SA, NT, TAS ) and from October 28 – November 11, 2018 ( NSW and QLD ) for entirely $ 3.00 each with original hardcopy token ( not digital ) from The Daily Telegraph/The Sunday Telegraph ( NSW ), Herald Sun/Sunday Herald Sun ( VIC ), The Courier-Mail/The Sunday Mail ( QLD ), The Advertiser/Sunday Mail ( SA ), NT News/Sunday Territorian ( NT ), Mercury/ Sunday Tasmanian ( TAS ), The Cairns Post ( QLD ), Townsville Bulletin ( QLD ), Gold Coast Bulletin ( QLD ), Geelong Advertiser ( VIC ), The Toowoomba Chronicle ( QLD ), Sunshine Coast Daily ( QLD ), The Morning Bulletin ( Rockhampton, QLD ), The Northern Star ( Lismore, NSW ), NewsMail ( Bundaberg, QLD ), The Daily Mercury ( Mackay, QLD ), The Queensland Times ( Ipswich, QLD ), Fraser Coast Chronicle ( QLD ), The Observer ( Gladstone, QLD ), The Daily Examiner ( Grafton/Clarence Valley, NSW ), The Gympie Times ( QLD ), Warwick Daily News ( QLD ). strictly while stocks last .

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