Quickly Encrypt Files And Folders On Android

Your Android device is home to a distribute of personal data. Be it your photos, videos, documents, textbook, and everything else. therefore, it is of extreme importance to keep your data safe, particularly from prying eyes. And, while you can easily encrypt files and folders in Android, several apps let you do the lapp thing .
In this blog, we ’ ll have a look at both the routes, and depending on whichever one looks more commodious and more brawny, you can choose that path. so, let ’ s suffer started, shall we ?
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Apps To Encrypt Files And Folders in Android

here are some of the best Android file encoding apps that will help you encrypt and decrypt every ounce of data that resides in your device .

1. SSE – File/ Text Encryption & Password Vault

Text Encryption & Password Vault
SSE or Secret Space Encryptor is an open-source app that combines text encoding and file encoding and works as a password coach .

  • Encrypts text, messages, notes, and other messages by setting a password for current encryption/ decryption session
  • All your passwords can be saved under one master password. You can import/ export this file in full encrypted, compressed, and editable .xml format.
  • Files encrypted using AES 256 bit, Blowfish 448 bit, GOST 256 bit, Twofish 256 bit encryption algorithms.

Rating – 4.5 Stars
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2. Crypt4All Lite (AES)

Crypt4All Lite
Crypt4All Lite is an comfortable to use application which can help you encrypt and decrypt files before putting them on the cloud. It is an open-source application.

  • Military-grade 256 bit AES Crypt Version 2 format
  • Allows both file encryption and decryption
  • Has a dedicated file browser for selecting, renaming, deleting files. It also sets key file and output directory as well
  • You can encrypt data from your device and then send it to cloud platforms
  • Password can also be Unicode
  • You have control over where encrypted files go.

Rating: 3.7 Stars

3. ZenCrypt – Securely Encrypt Files

ZenCrypt - Securely Encrypt Files
ZenCrypt is one of the best Android file encoding apps which lets you encrypt and decrypt folders and files in Android with farthermost ease and in one tap. It can encrypt all kinds of files like APKs, documents, videos, pictures, PDFs .

  • It securely generated a random IV before proceeding for encryption.
  • Comes with AES 128, PKCs5, CBC padding
  • Random keys are generated with updated codes recommended for Android.
  • The pro version also comes with dark and AMOLED themes, unlimited encryptions (free gives upto 5), and even fingerprint encryption.

Rating: 3.7 Stars

4. EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere

EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere
EgoSecure doubles up as a file director and encoding app with the help of which you can encrypt files and folders in Android. The files stay protected, whether stored on your device, on the cloud, or flush if transferred via the internet .

  • The encryption key is based on a password according to which encryption key and type are generated; the user can define both.
  • Quick access to necessary folders and files
  • From the decrypted section, quick and direct access to decrypted files and folders can be attained.
  • Even if long-running operations are canceled, no damage will be caused to files under process

Rating: 3.4 Stars

What Happens When You Encrypt Files In Android?

When you encrypt files and folders in Android either manually or using an app, your apps, music, photograph, and other data are locked using a samara that contains a certain set of credentials. Let ’ s say these credentials are stored in the form of a password. Things do not finish here. This password is far converted into a key that is further stored in a entrust environment, which makes it secure against any far software attacks .

So, Pay Special Heed To Device Encryption

When you encrypt files and folders in Android, it adds an excess protective level which no one can barge. person can not access your photos, apps, music files, account data, text until person enters the right credentials. If you are looking for ways to add security to files and folders before uploading them to the cloud, Android charge encoding apps can be the best way .
With that, we ’ d like to conclude by saying that we have tons and tons of capacity covering apps and ways with the help of which you can cement your device ’ sulfur security. then, keep take Systweak blogs, and if you find our blogs useful, do plowshare them with person ( like you ) who could be benefitted .

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