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“A” for an Affordable Ace!

By Stack ‘s Bowers Galleries
Our approaching sale of the Joel R. Anderson Collection Part IV is only a week away. In holocene months the stallion universe of paper money collectors has been abuzz. Soon, the one-fourth in this series of big events will take place—at the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo in Baltimore, on Thursday evening, February 28th.​​ Author: Stack ‘s Bowers Galleries

Focus on a Special National Bank Note

By Stack ‘s Bowers Galleries

National Bank Notes and a peculiarly rare example are the focus of this week ’ sulfur message. Beginning in 1864 over 10,000 National Banks issued large-size federal notes with their imprints—from Alaska and Hawaii to Maine and Florida. Showcased today is a brilliant highlight from the Joel R. Anderson Collection—the finest of equitable four series of 1902 Uncirculated $ 100 notes certified by PCGS. And it is from the West, no less—from Los Angeles, California. ​​ Author: Stack ‘s Bowers Galleries

Spectacular 1882 $1000 Gold Certificate Thought to be the only one in private hands

By Q. David Bowers, Co-Founder
This workweek ’ mho message showcases one of the most dramatic, most authoritative notes in the Joel R. Anderson Collection Part 4 sale. Just four examples are known, and this is thought to be the lone one in secret hands. All by itself it would anchor a great volunteer of currency. In this sale it is slope by side with early legendary notes.​​ Author: Q. David Bowers

Important $100 Red Seal Federal Reserve Note One of the Top 3 Graded by PCGS

By Stack ‘s Bowers Galleries
This week ’ mho message is a change to a note that is indeed elusive, but not a landmark rarity. PCGS has graded alone seven examples, with two at the 66 degree, as here, and one all right. It will be a brilliant accession to a high-grade specialize collection.​​ Author: Stack ‘s Bowers Galleries

Landmark 1863 $100 Interest Bearing Note One of Only Three Known!

By Stack ‘s Bowers Galleries

Enthusiasm and exhilaration continues to build as Part 4 of the Joel R. Anderson Collection approaches on Thursday evening, February 28. The venue will be the popular Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo in Baltimore. You are heartily invited to attend this dynamic show and view the Anderson notes in person arsenic well as see the many other coins, tokens, medals, and paper money in our multiple auction sales. You are invited to attend the sale as it takes set, as a bidder or as an perceiver to see numismatic history as it is being made.​​ Author: Stack ‘s Bowers Galleries

A Unique Set 1869 Legal Tender “Rainbow Notes” Complete from $1 to $1000!

By Stack ‘s Bowers Galleries
The Anderson Collection by definition includes notes from low-cost and available to great rarities—among the last being notes that are unique a well as those that are the finest known. An incredible aspect of our Part 4 offer is that it contains the only complete set of 1869 “ Rainbow Notes ” always auctioned. They will be offered one at a time, the $ 1, $ 2, $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 50, $ 100, $ 500, and $ 1000 denominations, all Condition Census ! ​ Author: Stack ‘s Bowers Galleries

The Joel R. Anderson Collection of United States Paper Money — Part IV

By Q. David Bowers, Co-Founder
Welcome to our fourth offer from the most extensive, most rarity-laden collection of newspaper money by design types ever formed or presented at auction. The first gear character, sold by us in March 2018, is now an indelible partially of numismatic history. The second gear function was held as depart of the World ‘s Fair of Money in Philadelphia in August and witness read prices. The third base part made history last October. If the term “ once in a life opportunity ” is applicable in numismatics, here is the ideal case ! ​​ Author: Q. David Bowers

Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ Joel. R. Anderson Collection Part III Auction Realizes Over $8.6 Million, 1890 $1,000 “Grand Watermelon” Note Brings Over $2 Million

​Stack ’ randomness Bowers Galleries ’ October 25 put up of Part III of the Joel R. Anderson Collection of United States Paper Money achieved $ 8,619,240 in the firm ’ s Official Auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Winter Expo in Baltimore. Among the many rarities featured in the catalogue, the foreground was the finest know 1890 $ 1,000 “ Grand Watermelon ” Treasury Note which realized over $ 2 million. With an average lot price of closely $ 160,000, Part III brings the entire to go steady for the Joel R. Anderson Collection to over $ 26 million, with one more offer planned for February 2019 in Baltimore. Author: Stack ‘s Bowers Galleries

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