Expert GUIDE to MANAGING a Large Ancient Coin Collection

Guide to staying Organized, getting Maximum Pleasure and even Showing Your Collection to Others


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Hello my friends, my mention is Ilya Zlobin and I have been working with universe and ancient coins for over 15 years nowadays. I run an eBay store hypertext transfer protocol : // with over 18,000 items. I am technically a collector until person buys the token I am selling, so I am writing this article to take a founder or even advanced collector to an even higher level. This arrticle and video recording explains how one would keep track of such a read number of items, stay organized and be able to display these comfortably and professionally while having fun. I believe that presentation is crucial and keeping organized gets other people interesting in collecting besides. This is specially important information for those deciding to start a collection that will be an heirloom for countless generations. I hope that you can appreciate this article, as this is the stallion meter period condensed into an easy-to-follow usher. My intention is to benefit you and help you help yourself build an even more amazing coin collection that you can enjoy even more with a few bare techniques and tools .

Shop with Reputable Coin Dealers

denounce with a reputable ancient Greek and Roman and worldly concern coin trader. It is best if he/she has a great track record and provide a guarantee of authenticity. besides a beautiful certificate is besides an lend bonus ( can be considered a $ 25- $ 50 value ) absolutely rid when you shop with Ilya Zlobin. A reputable seller would be happy to give a refund or rally should professional coin grading companies or people such as David R. Sear or NGC find a coin is early than described .

Keep Records

When you buy coins, get the certificates of authenticity keep them in a standard vinyl binder in sheet protectors which you can get an any place they sell office supplies. You can besides print out a receipt of the PayPal payment you sent and possibly the reach details of the seller you bought from. I have had personal experience when I purchased a coin from another dealer and since I did not keep the reception at the meter, it left a dark taste in both of our mouths when I had to return the mint, I knowing that I bought it from them and having no proofread. So this would facilitate an easy return and refund as you kept a criminal record of the item. This way you can buy from many unlike dealers, and besides remember how a lot the item price, should you want to sell it in the future, plus you have the description right there, should you want to place it on eBay or another venue. Another helpful proficiency is to write a fiddling detail number of the mint and write it on the fiddling slip of newspaper that coin in the mint somersault and having a number where you write the number where you kept it. Think besides about this, a distribute of collectors don ’ t keep records and if they pass on and cipher in the family ever got involved with the coins, cipher knows how much they paid, so they may not got the price the original collector paid. Something worthwhile to think about. Keeping score is very crucial .

Keep Your Coin Collection Organized

I recommend keeping your coins in boxes that are of standard size a 2X2 inch standard. The coins themselves I recommend in non-plasticized mint flips, I recommend getting the box with the short papers so that if anything you can write information on those, such as how much you paid or corresponding to your record keeping arrangement. If you want to display your coins, you can put them on a tray and enjoy their beauty. then below are the mint flips, trays and boxes I use casual for memory and display of my coins :

The Supplies and Links Where to Buy Them

I am sharing everything I know about the supplies, years of have condensed to a simple lead. Hopefully you can appreciate the tips, many of which even the most advanced collectors and even coin dealers can benefit from .
The Best Coin Collector Magnifier Portable Magnifying Glass
This mint magnifier most people enjoy because it gives you barely the right field come exaggeration to see the mint and easily closes up and folds into your pocket. It ’ randomness called the Bausch & Lomb 5X Packette Magnifier Magnifying Glass .
Coin Magnifier on eBay
Coin Magnfier on Amazon
Coin Flips – The Coin Holders
I use both types of coin flips below, with the second one being preferable for flatware. possibly if you get either one, get the second one. But I am giving you both to chose from .
These double pocket coin flips are available in 1 1/2, 2 ten 2 and 2 1/2 edge sizes, some include wallpaper inserts .
Non-Plasticized flips are slenderly more rigid than regular vinyl flips. They are considered dependable for long term storage of your coins .
Acids and chemicals have been reduced to a minimum.Good for long term storage. The chemical will not migrate .
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Organize and display your coins with our feel coin display trays, designed to be used with our Aluminum mint display shell ( above ) or as a rack alone detail. Measures 16 1/8″ ten 10½ ”
Our display trays are available for storing cardboard coin holders in 1½ ” x 1½ ” and 2″ x 2″ sizes and for slab mint holders in either a horizontal or vertical agreement ; or a entire flat tray to use any way you like !
A credit card mint storage box for 2×2 cardboard or plastic coin holders .
Features :

  • Triple Compartment Design
  • Blue color
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Measures 2¼” x 9¼”


When you buy coins that are NGC / PCGS or early authentication company certified, you may need the storage boxes for the job. See all of them here : hypertext transfer protocol : //
The type I recommend is this one :
Heavy Duty Cardboard Coin Slab Coin Storage Boxes
The reason being, is that if it ’ s a credit card one, it has notches, but some ancient coins are thicker than others, so when you have coins of varying thickness, you may want to merely put them in these cardboard boxes as it is more elastic for your solicitation. Don ’ triiodothyronine let the word cardboard fritter you, as these are extremely eminent quality and feel good in bridge player .
ALSO these are good for oversized medals or 2.5 x 2.5 coin flips.
Additional Tip: If you like to put the slab in a base before putting it in the box, you may want to get the hypertext transfer protocol : // Plymor 3″ x 4″, 4 Mil ( Case of 1000 ) Heavy Duty Plastic Reclosable Zipper Bags. This is the exact size for those slabs .
WHAT I USE TO DO COIN SHOWS (and Could Be Used for Private Viewing Pleasure):
The benefit of the carrying case and trays is that you can lay your coins out for display at a mint show or for your own secret see pleasure. You can have them in the individual notches with or without the fictile coin flip so that you can have them easily organized and viewable. The older generations of coin collectors would have wood versions of these and would describe them as coin cabinets. I think these are actually capital and made in Europe, possibly Germany, the clear fictile shroud is obliterable and can be placed on the table at a mint show very easily, and removed to view coins well besides. The tray smokestack very well atop each other .
The profit of these is that you can get these without the case and they well stack up .
Advanced tip, I have the trays organized in numeric order as I have 20 and put a obliterable spine hypertext transfer protocol : //, the Avery Removable Rectangular Labels, 0.31 ten 0.5 Inches, White, Pack of 1100 ( 5412 ), with the tray number so that after the coin display I can easily put these away. Additional tip is that you can use these obliterable stickers to attach extra information about the price for example about a coin which you may want to remove late, utilitarian for slabbed coins .
Lighthouse Aluminum Case for up to 10 MB Coin Boxes
Lighthouse Coin Box for up to 20 2×2 Coin Holders
Comes in Red and Black background .
8.5 x 11″ Sheet Protectors To keep Record and COA’s and Other receipts in:
Staples Standard Sheet Protectors, 200/Pack or Staples Heavyweight Presentation Sheet Protectors, 200/Pack
Put these in a binder of your choice and you can be fortunate. Keeping beneficial records adds to the pleasure of your collection .
Paper I Use That Should Never Yellow for Long-Term Archiving
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Sharpie Permanent Marker
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article by Ilya Zlobin, world-renowned adept numismatist, fancier, author and dealer in authentic ancient Greek, ancient Roman, ancient Byzantine coins and beyond, running the eBay store Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Coins .
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