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The Amy Brown Collection of Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

The United States is family to one of the highest concentrations of active private mints in the precious metals diligence. Among the most luminary at the moment is anonymous Mint. If you ’ re looking to buy silver that earns the title “ one-of-a-kind, ” then you need to take a closer front at some of the programs offered by anonymous Mint. Led by top coin architect Julie Lindquist, Anonymous Mint has released hit after shoot in late years, and is building upon its portfolio of silver rounds featuring celebrated artwork with the raw Amy Brown Collection .
In 2017, Anonymous Mint released the Alphonse Mucha collection with six designs from the beget of the Art Nouveau movement. now, anonymous Mint is focusing on a twenty-first hundred artist by highlighting the illusion world creations of Amy Brown. This new silver round free features some of her most memorable fairy works, and includes enough variety show to ensure investors and collectors alike find something they want to own !

A JM Bullion Exclusive!

first and first, at JM Bullion we ’ ra gallant to serve as the single passing partner of the Amy Brown Collection. Debuting with the Red Queen plan, the seven rounds in this solicitation will all be sold entirely on their debut from JM Bullion. Our partnership with anonymous Mint deepens with this fairy-and-fantasy program, and we ’ ra happy to be the home of Amy Brown ’ s works !

The Amy Brown Collection

For the release of this newfangled silver medal round serial, Anonymous Mint teamed with the Amy Brown Fantasy Art Inc. for mandate to use many of her greatest make of artwork from the fairy-and-fantasy kingdom. The collection features a total of six designs in all ( release dates included ) :

Amy Brown ’ s career as an artist started in the early 1990s when she was working in a small artwork gallery. Her bos found an empty frame of reference on the gallery ’ randomness walls and asked Amy to fill that frame. Her paint of a fairy that went into the skeleton was so popular it sold about immediately. From hera, her career followed an up trajectory that would see her works displayed at local shops and in local street fairs .
Her career works have followed close to her own passions. She has a deep sexual love for watercolor painting and an admiration for the fairy region, which resulted in beautiful works of artwork steeped in the magnificence and awe of all things illusion. After some time, she opened her own web site to showcase her works and began selling her original works online across the world. nowadays, she has created more than 2,000 paintings and license products. You can find her artwork in countless books, calendars, websites, and even products for sale. As of 2017, Amy has one million Facebook followers looking for her latest work at all times, and she was named a peak ten-spot fantasy artist for the year american samoa well .

Details on the Collection

Like many Anonymous Mint collections, the Amy Brown Series delivers options for all investors and collectors. For each of the seven designs released, you ’ ll find six flatware rounds to choose from when buying flatware. The available rounds include 1 oz and 5 oz weights, with each weight boasting a proof, age-old, and proofread colorized version. The series is a limited-edition release, with the follow mintage figures for each beat released :

  • 1 oz Proof – 3,000 rounds
  • 1 oz Antique – 2,000 rounds
  • 1 oz Proof Colorized – 2,000 rounds
  • 5 oz Proof – 500 rounds
  • 5 oz Antique – 500 rounds
  • 5 oz Proof Colorized – 500 rounds

Each circle released in the series has rim engravings of the individual serial phone number. The rounds can be purchased individually inside of protective capsules, and the leverage includes a Certificate of Authenticity that features a equal series total to the one witness on the border scratch of the polish itself .
As for the three different versions, the proof offers visuals similar to the average proof. Mirrored fields and flatness finishes are used to create ocular line in the design sets and the background fields. The antique beat has a quick, insidious hue that adds historic period to the mint ’ s ocular appearance, while besides calling care to the intricate aspects of each design ’ second details. The proof colorized version brings Brown ’ s master artworks to life as they were in the first place intended to be viewed .
ultimately, there is a common design subject that will feature on the reverse of all rounds in the Amy Brown Collection. The fagot known as Dusk features large, graceful wings that are feathered like those of a shuttlecock. Her long hair’s-breadth flows in the breeze as she shoots a dreamy expression your manner from her high advantage point. Her ash grey hair beautifully frames her face, and she wears bracelets around her upper berth arms. The background field is highlighted by the flash of stars rising into the early evening sky. Brown created the double of Dusk in 2003 .

The Red Queen – Debut Round of the Amy Brown Collection

For the introduction let go of in the serial, Brown ’ sulfur 2016 word picture of a fagot known as the Red Queen features on the silver rounds for sale from anonymous Mint. The Red Queen is portrayed as an all-knowing, knock-down fagot. She walks graciously through the fagot kingdom as a mysterious moon rises into the setting field. She has a long, flowing dress and delicate wings that are besides red. She has antlers in her crown that indicate her infinite wisdom, while the scepter she holds with her right hand is a symbol of her authority in the fagot region. Her figure is accompanied in the design by a dame and a unicorn.

The Lady of the Forest

In this design exhaust, Amy Brown ’ s Lady of the Forest comes to life. This particular fairy matches up with the world around her. AS a fairy of the woodlands, her aristocratic figure and color make her appear as though she ’ sulfur one with nature. She wears a beautiful green trim matching the foliation around her, and her red-brown hue offers a blunt contrast to the spring-time hues of her dress .

Second Cousins

Amy Brown ’ second Second Cousins fagot design offers a playful vision of two younger fairies. Situated on a rock in the center of a belittled pond, these two fairies are arsenic unlike as they are alike. One fairy has the body of a female, and is depicted standing up blowing bubbles into the air travel. The early fagot is seated and has a mermaid ’ mho consistency, with the amphetamine torso of a human and the lower body of a fish. Both fairies are clad in clothes featuring hues of purple and blue .


The image of Discovery brings bang-up contrast and diverseness in the colors used in this fantasy artwork. The fairy Discovery is featured standing in right-profile stand-in, her chin and nose raised to a small dragon hovering barely in battlefront of her face. She wears a crown of flowers in her egg white haircloth, with her full-dress and wings featuring green and tap hues. There is a large imperial circle behind her figure, and sprouting greens rise improving around her to frame the design beautifully .

Wall Flower

Amy ’ s purpose of Wall Flower has a more forlorn look than the other fairies in this collection. With rich, auburn red hair and reap colors dominating the design field, this is the perfect silver round plan for anyone who loves the crisp fall air. Wall Flower ’ second red hair flows in the easy breeze, with her wings peeking out from behind her figure as she appears to lean back in her position, distant and uncertain .

Dragon Secrets

Amy ’ s Dragon Secrets design closes out the initial six-round dismissal of the Amy Brown Collection from Anonymous Mint. This argent beat design captures a fagot in green-and-white trim with long black hair that reaches well down her back toward her hips. There is an delusion in this word picture of massive dragon wings belonging to the fagot, but in reality they belong the baronial draco whose head reaches in around the fagot ’ randomness left shoulder. The draco ’ south chase and body wrap around the lower boundary of the design, with the fagot glances to her left as if turning an auricle toward the draco to hear what it has to say .

The Haunted Pumpkin Patch

A special publish in the Amy Brown Collection, the Haunted Pumpkin Patch silver round is a limited-issue circle timed for release with the Halloween season in 2018. The Haunted Pumpkin Patch is available in all of the same styles and options as the primary rounds in the Amy Brown Collection, but with a particular subject to fit the season of its let go of .
On the obverse slope of the Haunted Pumpkin Patch cycle, you ’ ll find a single fairy standing in the center of a field of pumpkins. There are pumpkins at her feet and small ghosts flying around the design field. Vines and leaves from the pumpkins encircle the design field, which in the color translation of the round includes a haunting, yellow moon in the backdrop.

About the Anonymous Mint and Osborne Mint

anonymous Mint, as mentioned earlier, is a individual constitution in the United States. With spark advance coin couturier Julie Lindquist guiding the plan selections, anonymous Mint is responsible for product lineups that have included in late years the Armed Forces Button Rounds, the Alphonse Mucha collection, and the Norse God Coin Series. Anonymous Mint frequently teams up with, as it has for the Amy Brown Collection, Luigi Badia. Badia is an italian Master Sculptor who develops the 3D sculpts used to inspire the mint designs for each silver round off .
For the physical production of the coins, Anonymous Mint turns to Osborne Mint. The Osborne Mint is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and lays call to the title of “ Oldest Operating Private Mint in America. ” When the Osborne Mint first opened its doors, there was no singular sovereign currency accepted in the United States and Andrew Jackson was in the White House .

Buying Amy Brown Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

If you have any questions about the silver rounds in the Amy Brown Collection, you can turn to our customer serve team for avail. JM Bullion team members are available to you at 800-276-6508, online through our populate chat, and using our e-mail address. For questions about payments, we encourage you to visit our Payment Methods FAQ first and then connect with us directly should you have any extra inquiries about payment options and purchasing minimums .

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