New Release of NASA Approved Collectible Space Coin Collection

New Release of NASA Approved Collectible Space Coin Collection

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Posted : Monday, December 10, 2007
Discovery Collectibles, an single godhead of rare coin lines focusing on quad exploration and discovery, today announced the free of a highly express collection of 10 bright silver nickel uncirculated coins celebrating the shape of NASA and the perplex odyssey of the hubble Space Telescope .
Minting coins is a classifiable way to honor 50 years of give avail by the men and women of JPL and NASA

This first solicitation of 10 coins focuses on the eight planets in our solar system. This commemorative coin solicitation includes an extremely rare Pluto coin, the death Pluto-Hubble coin approved by NASA before the planet was decommissioned in 2006. It besides includes a remarkable Sun mint, striking in its mighty, energizing plan .
Inspired by the “ NASA and JPL 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Act ” which authorizes the US Mint to produce a $ 50 gold coin with an image of the Sun and nine $ 1 silver coins each representing one of the nine planets in our solar system, Discovery Collectibles worked with NASA to create a mint wrinkle that complements the anniversary and celebrates one of the agency ‘s greatest accomplishments in the [ Hubble Telescope .
” Minting coins is a classifiable way to honor 50 years of consecrated service by the men and women of JPL and NASA, ” said Representative Adam Schiff, who was a co- presenter of the Act .
only 1000 complete sets of the HST Discovery Collection have been minted worldwide. According to NASA a sum of 30 designs in all have approved which will focus on hubble Discoveries in deep outer space and some of the modern coins will besides include material from deep distance angstrom good. One of the coins in the following set will include pieces of meteorite and fly metallic from NASA spacecraft .
All the coins in the stream and future HST Discovery Collection were pass designed by sculptor Alex Shagin, a russian bear couturier who was awarded the fabled american english Numismatic Society J. Sanford Saltus Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Art of the Medal in 1995. Mr. Shagin ‘s work is displayed in some of the universe ‘s greatest museums such as the National Air and Space Museum, the Hermitage Museum and the british Museum Permanent Numismatic Collection .
About Discovery Collectibles

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Discovery Collectibles creates only identical limited quantities of coins and collectible objects and had focused on niche collecting opportunities in the space and skill sector. Located in Los Angeles, California, Discovery Collectibles besides owns NASACOINS.COM where you can find their most recent product lines. “ We create art in belittled quantities for a passionate group of collectors who love space exploration vitamin a much as we do. ” said Garret Cheves, DCI ‘s CEO, “ We are the skill and space geek of the coin collecting world. Our enthusiasm to create unique and valuable collections comes from our personal interests so we come by it honestly ! ”
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