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The American Obsolete Coinage Collection from American Coin Treasures contains a wealth of history from the 1800s. The collection begins its historic fib with the Half Cent minted from 1809 to 1836. The classical Head Half Cent is composed of 100 % copper and was designed by John Reich. All classic Head Half Cents were minted in Philadelphia and thus do not have a mint stigmatize. Lady Liberty is profiled on the obverse of the coin wearing a headband with the parole Liberty. The reversion shows a wreath circling the words Half Cent. The celebrated arrange continues with the Two Cent Piece. “ In God We Trust ” first appeared on United States neologism in 1864 with the mint of the Two Cent Piece. The Two Cent Piece was designed by James B. Longacre and was first base minted in 1864 at the Philadelphia Mint. The Obverse displays a carapace and a standard reading “ In God We Trust. ” The reverse shows a wreath encircled by the words United States of America and the appellation 2 cents in the center field of the coin. The coin is composed of .950 bull. The Two Cent Piece is sometimes called “ the most Gothic and the most expressive of the Civil War ” coins. The Three Cent Nicke, the third coin in the solicitation, was first base minted during the Civil War Era in 1865 due to its counterpart — the silver medal three penny musical composition — being hoarded by the public. The Three Cent Nickel was designed by James B. Longacre and was minted in Philadelphia. The three penny patch was composed of copper and nickel and minted from 1865 to 1889. The obverse shows a visibility of Lady Liberty. The rearward displays a wreath with the Roman numeral III. The three cent nickel was never intended as a permanent wave exit and was the last three penny piece minted in the United States. The fourth and fifth coins in the collection are composed of .900 silver and are both of the Liberty Seated design. The last of the silver half dimes produced, the Silver Seated Liberty Half Dime was minted from 1837-1873. The Seated Liberty has different subtypes and was minted at Philadelphia, San Francisco and New Orleans mints. The obverse shows Liberty seated on a rock and was designed by Thomas Sully. The rearward featuring a wreath was designed by christian Gobrecht. The ephemeral silver twenty dollar bill penny piece was minted from 1875 to 1878. The public was confused over the coin ‘s similarity to the quarter dollar thus causing its demise. This rare five objet d’art mint collection is housed in individual acrylic capsules and handsomely matted in a line wooden box. A certificate of Authenticity is included .

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