2006 US Mint American Legacy Collection

A Special Proof Set Honoring Benjamin Franklin!

The 2006 American Legacy Collection!

Great Britain had been at war with France for over a hundred years by the clock Benjamin Franklin walked the colonies. In an attack to recoup their monumental fiscal losses from this fight, the british crown passed respective pieces of legislation, like the “ Stamp Act ”, that over time came to be jointly known as the “ Intolerable Acts ”. As their name suggests, these acts were not kind to the thirteen little colonies across the Atlantic … in fact, these acts plunged the Massachusetts colony itself into outright chaos !

tomorrow is the 256th anniversary of the day the “ Stamp Act ” was officially put into effect and the Colonies decided that the time was right to begin the competitiveness for their freedom !

In Honor of this anniversary, we are bringing back a especial U.S. Mint collection honoring the founder who led the charge in responding to these intolerable Acts of exploitation : the 2006 Legacy Collection Proof Set !

An Act To Far & A Revolution an Ocean Away

Franklin Responds…

Benjamin Franklin, one of the most influential individuals involved in the establish of our great state, wrote a scathing satirical reply to the intolerable Acts titled : “ An Act to Enforce Obedience ”. The massive 4-page reaction points out that these pieces of Legislation were nothing more than the british government showing how intelligibly they feared the ever growing intensity of the 13 colonies they had exploited thus dearly.

…Then Helps to Found a Nation

It is frequently argued that Benjamin Franklin was the true anchor of the revolution ; without his efforts in obtaining the patronize of our biggest ally, Britain ’ s arch-nemesis France, the United States of America would probably not exists as we know it today ! He was indeed influential and critical to our nation ’ mho success that when they commissioned the Franklin Half Dollar to be minted in 1948, he held the respect distinction of being the only Non-President to ever be featured on a circulating U.S. Mint mint !

But, the iconic Franklin Half Dollars were not the only coins to feature this rotatory war hero… in 2006 the United States Mint produced two special Silver Dollars to honor him : the Scientist and Founding Father !

The Triumphant Return of ‘Prestigious’ U.S. Mint’s Proof Sets – The American Legacy

From 1983 all the direction to 1997, the United States Mint produced a limited-edition proof set known as the ‘ Prestige Proof Sets ’. The only problem was that collectors LOVED these high-quality collections so much so that after an 8-year hiatus these iconic collections re-emerged as the new “ american Legacy Collections ”.

fortunately for the U.S. Mint, they struck gold twice ! These new sets were not only loved by collectors for their high-quality strikes, multiple 90 % Silver coins, and fantastic packaging, but their rarity as well ! These sets typically had a mintage of less than 50,000 … a phone number then modest that it mechanically makes them some of the rare collections always made by the United States Mint !

But that is not all ! This special 2006 american Legacy Collection not entirely has the especial Founding Father argent dollar honoring Ben Franklin, but it besides the collector-favorite ‘ Half-Morgan ’ Silver Dollar honoring the San Francisco Mint !

These special mint were struck to honor the hundredth anniversary of the fabled 1906 Earthquake, after which the San Francisco Mint was among the few buildings stills standing ! The coin itself featured the Old San Francisco Mint on one slope and an accurate refreshment of the stunning Morgan Dollar Reverse on the other !

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