Discover New Looks for Classic US Coins in the American Legacy Collection

Discover New Looks for Classic US Coins in the American Legacy Collection

many of the coins in circulation in the United States at the end of the nineteenth century and the begin of the twentieth century have become democratic collectible items in the modern era. Among those beautiful designs are the Morgan Silver Dollar, Buffalo Nickel, Lincoln Penny, and the Kennedy Half Dollar. These silver coins were popular when in circulation and gained a strong numismatic follow in the decades after output of each design ended. While you can find many of these coins in 90 % silver coin listings, you nowadays find these popular designs in a new silver round collection. Discover the beauty of the new american Legacy Collection .

Unique Strikes

The american Legacy Collection international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate merely another series of silver rounds hoping to recreate the visuals of historic US coins. Plenty of secret mints issue historic US mint designs on flatware and copper rounds, but merely the Osborne Mint delivers an all-new 3D strickle of some of the most democratic designs of the past .
Each of the four designs in the american Legacy Collection is struck on a domed silver round off. The four obverse designs from the american coins featured in this series are struck onto the domed english of these rounds to create up to 10 times greater depth in the visuals. The domed come on allows the blueprint strike to tower above the design field and enhances the ocular invoke of every variety in direction and relief of the design element. The rearward side is a deep concave surface with a mirrored relief.

Four Classic US Coin Designs

In the american Legacy Collection, you can purchase four designs released into circulation by the United States Mint over an 86 year period. One different facet of this collection is the function of the primary obverse design from each coin on both sides of the round. For exercise, the debut american Legacy Buffalo Nickel Round features James Earle Fraser ’ s right-profile portrait of a stoic autochthonal tribal figure on the obverse and overrule. Details of each design include :

  • American Legacy Buffalo Nickel Round: The aforementioned design Fraser created for the Buffalo Nickel appears on the first release in the series. His depiction of the indigenous American includes an inscription of “Liberty” and “1913,” marking the debut of his design on the nickel.
  • American Legacy Morgan Dollar Round: Second in the issue, the Morgan Silver Dollar design was created in 1878 by George T. Morgan for the return of the silver dollar in 1878. Liberty is depicted in left-profile relief with “E Pluribus Unum,” 13 stars, and a date mark of “1893” around the design.
  • American Legacy Lincoln Penny Round: The third release features the longest-running single coin design in American history. Victor D. Brennan designed a right-profile portrait of President Abraham Lincoln for the US penny in 1909. Inscriptions on the round include “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” the “1909” debut date mark for the Lincoln penny, and even a commemorative “S” mint mark denoting that the San Francisco Mint was the first to issue this design in 1909.
  • American Legacy Kennedy Half Dollar Round: In the final release, the most recent coin in circulation is featured in the American Legacy Collection. The Kennedy Half Dollar captures a left-profile portrait of the youngest president in American history, John F. Kennedy. His portrait is still readily available on the US half dollar and was introduced in March 1964, just months after he was assassinated in November 1963.

Three Versions

In each of the four designs discussed above, the Osborne Mint produced the rounds in proof, age-old, and colorized options. The proof orotund has traditional frosted elements with mirrored background fields. Antique silver medal rounds have a brushed, felt appearance. The color rounds have a aureate colorization added to the portrayal on the obverse design field for even greater ocular line.

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All american Legacy Collection silver rounds embark inside of an individual protective capsule and come with a count Certificate of Authenticity. You will besides find that singular serial numeral etched onto the edge of the circle. mintage caps apply to each of the versions as follows :

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  • Proof – 10,000 rounds
  • Antique – 10,000 rounds
  • Colorized – 5,000 rounds

From America’s Oldest Private Mint

The american Legacy Collection is produced by the Osborne Mint. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the mint can trace its roots of continuous operations back to 1835, making it the oldest operational individual mint in the United States. When the Osborne Mint first began operations, President Andrew Jackson was in function and the United States of America had paid off its national debt in broad .

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