26 Aussie $1 coins released in the Great Aussie Coin Hunt


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The Great Aussie Coin Hunt is on across Australia after the biggest minting* and passing of $ 1 coins since they were first created in 1984 .
Australia Post and the Royal Aus­tralian Mint have started releasing millions of $ 1 coins featuring authoritative australian themes such as the kernel proto-indo european, quokka*, the backfire and cricket .
There will be a unlike invention for each letter of the alphabet with the beginning six available immediately starting with designs for the letters A, F, I, M, S and X .
A will feature Australia Post, F for footy, I for Iced VoVo*, M for meat pie, S for surf liveliness saving and X for the bantam township of Xantippe .
New coins will then be released every Monday until October 21, culminating in Z for the summer ice-cold favorite, the Zooper Dooper* .
New iconic Australian coins collection New iconic Australian coins collection New iconic Australian coins collection But there ’ s a trip up .
The entirely way to get your hands on the iconic coins will be to make a purchase at an Australia Post shop and receive the limited edition $ 1 coins in the change .
“ We want everyone to get involved, ” Australia Post consumer and residential district executive general director Nicole Sheffield said .
“ not only will it be very exciting to hunt for all the coins and build an perplex collection, but each and every coin opens up the opportunity for fantastic conversations about quintessential* australian biography. ”

How coins are made at the Royal Australian Mint

other coins will show off Australia ’ s singular culture from our favorite foods, the didgeridoo, football, the kangaroo and the Hills Hoist clothesline, which was invented in Australia .
The Royal Australian Mint ’ s acting headman administrator Colin Dedourek said he hoped the hunt would encourage people to start coin collect .
“ The way people use cash is changing — there is a huge tendency towards cashless* transactions*, ” Mr Dedourek said. “ We are ­trying to get the australian people to re-imagine the measure of coins and coin gather. ”


  • minting: making a coin by stamping metal
  • quokka: a small Australian wallaby
  • Iced Vo Vo: a biscuit
  • Zooper Dooper: an icy treat
  • quintessential: typical example of something
  • cashless: without cash
  • transactions: buying and selling

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Modern ways to learn the prize of pocket money

  1. How many new $1 coin designs are there?
  2. What is the theme of the F coin?
  3. Which organisations are behind the hunt?
  4. When were the first $1 coins minted?
  5. Why was the Great Aussie Coin Hunt created?


1. Design your own
Imagine you were share of the invention team for this newly release of $ 1 coins. Create your own purpose for the stopping point letter in your first name. Remember to stick to the theme of things that are uniquely Aussie. You will need to : sketch the “ tails ” side of your mint ( make it larger than an actual $ 1 mint to show the detail ) and write a paragraph explaining what you chose to include on your coin and why .
Time: allow 20 minutes to complete this natural process
Curriculum Links: English; Visual Art
2. Extension
What if you got to create an A-Z coin collection based on a different theme ? Decide on a theme and then write your A-Z list of things you would feature in the collection .
Time: allow 15 minutes to complete this activity
Curriculum Links: English

Create coins as a tourism market concept and make them about places to visit around Australia. You will need to :

  • choose a place to be on your coin
  • design the coin
  • design a postcard for the place to visit
  • research and make a travel brochure on the chosen place
  • make up clues for others to guess your place.
  • have the class make a map and pin on all the students’ places

HAVE YOUR SAY: Will the Great Aussie Coin Hunt encourage you to collect coins?
No one-word answers. Use full sentences to explain your think. No comments will show until approved by editors .

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