Mr.Treemp on Steam

About This Game

This game is a second platformer, parkour, adventure. The protagonist of the game is a typical bare, from the “ common people ”,
trying to gain power.

As ususal for these people, he can not stop the scab race, trying to build success and reach higher and higher. In this game you help him
achieve this boundless success.

1. Controls and motion physics.

~ Controls : AWSD or arrow keys
~ If you keep holding right or left key, the bomber will move up to the right or up to the leave.
~ When the hero is falling down, it is impossible to control him.
~ When derail, you can slightly move in the air.
~ acceleration : the longer you run before the jump, the higher you can jump.

2. What should I do in this game ?

~ Collect coins and fan ‘s wonder ( hearts )
~ Green leaves give you energy to jump higher and longer. You ca n’t jump if your energy is low.
Each jump takes some of your energy, depending on the difficulty flush. On EASY difficulty, you wo n’t lack department of energy.
But on the HARD difficulty you need to think of the most effective route to collect all the hearts and coins before you lose the energy.
~ Brown leaves make you lose 10 energy points if you touch it. But if you run at it or jump on clear of it, you will jump higher. Use it when
you ca n’t reach a certain platform every early way.
~ Stay away from green sludge, you will lose health points.
~ If the hero loses all his lives, the game goes to the begin first horizontal surface.
~ Monsters – grey, barbarous creatures moving horizontally or vertically across the field. Meeting with them, the hero jumps away from it and
loses energy. At the first levels, this measure is humble, but late the monsters can take a draw. Try not to get caught on their means. Often this
happens in escape after a leap.

3. How to start play.

~ Use Left Mouse Button to choose options from the main menu
~ To start a newfangled bet on, choose Game Setup and game difficulty. The default game trouble is Light.
~ Next, blue-ribbon New Game. You will be taken to the beginning of the playing discipline of the first level.
~ After passing the level and exiting to EXIT on the playing playing field, you get to the following level and so on. EXIT, on the play battlefield it ‘s a toilet.
The hero must jump into it to “ merge ” to the adjacent flush.
~ If you exit the game in the menu, the current game is saved mechanically.
~ You can completely exit the game through die. When you restart the game, select the menu detail Start Game and the game will start
from the level and from the position where you left off the survive time.
~ On the screen of the play field, no matter where the champion is, the accomplishment bar in the game and the clitoris exit to the crippled menu.
~ The achievements control panel displays :
~ Collected Coins
~ Hero ‘s stream energy ( eat yellowish brown )
~ Number of lives of the hero
~ Current standard of living
Next to the accomplishment control panel in the game is a button to exit the game menu. You can exit the game menu by pressing Esc on your keyboard.

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