Royal Australian Mint Releases AC/DC Anniversary Coin Set

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The Royal Australian Mint is celebrating the milestone anniversaries of six AC/DC albums with six alone mint tributes, a seven-coin place, and a limited-edition silver frosted uncirculated mint .
The Royal Australian Mint Chief Executive Officer Ross MacDiarmid said : “ The Mint is gallant to be issuing coin tributes to the vinyl that have electrified generations of music lovers. These coins will be highly sought after by rock candy ‘ n ’ wheel fans and give buyers alike ”.

This year marks 45 years since AC/DC released their debut album high Voltage. The ring ’ s second base album T.N.T. besides clocks up its azure anniversary at the end of the class. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap will reach the milestone in 2021 .
With these fresh coin releases, the Mint is marking these significant anniversaries plus 40 years since the release of Back in Black and 25 years since the unblock of Ballbreaker, and the pending Ruby anniversary of For Those About to Rock ( We Salute You ) in 2021 .
To celebrate this coin publish and the anniversaries of the six AC/DC albums, the Mint is offering never-before-released production coin dies to 14 lucky fans who purchase any of the AC/DC coins from the Mint, one of its empower dealers or blue-ribbon music shops. The production coin dies on offer were used to strike the AC/DC coin – a rare and alone opportunity.

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To be eligible to win a production die, participants will besides need to visit the Mint ’ s Facebook page and mail what the name of their AC/DC cover band would be and where they purchased the coin. For terms and conditions visit the Royal Australian Mint ’ s web site. The contest is alone open to australian residents. More details on mint dies can be found here .
The 2021 $1 1oz Silver Frosted Uncirculated Coin showcases songwriter and head guitarist Angus Young in wide flight while the other six coins are inspired by the cover artwork of some of their most popular and iconic albums.

This is not the first time the Mint has celebrated these Aussie rock legends. In 2018, the Royal Australian Mint paid tribute to the forty-fifth anniversary of the ring bursting on to the music scene with a record-breaking special-edition AC/DC 50c coin. This mint, along with a alone bootleg nickel coin shaped like a guitar pick, sold out within 48 hours .
The 2020/21 AC/DC 20c Colored Uncirculated Seven-Coin Collection and a 2021 $ 1 1oz Silver Frosted Uncirculated Coin are available in a limited mintage of 30,000 – retailing for $ 110.00 and $ 90.00 AUD, respectively ( about $ 78 and $ 64 USD ). Six of the coins within the AC/DC seven mint solicitation will besides be available for buy individually at a Recommended Retail Price of $ 15 ( about $ 11 USD ) each. These coins are australian legal tender and can be purchased from the Mint ’ second eshop or Contact Center ( 1300 652 020 ) .
These coins are available for domestic and international purchase.

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