50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set July 24

The two-coin 2014 fiftieth Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin bent goes on sale at noon easterly Time July 24 by the U.S. Mint for $ 9.95. The United States Mint will begin offering the two-coin 2014 fiftieth Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin set at noon easterly Time July 24 .
The price of the bent is $ 9.95. U.S. Mint officials have not so far disclosed whether there will be mintage limits or family order restrictions .
The set will contain one Uncirculated-quality copper-nickel clothe 2014-P Kennedy half dollar struck at the Philadelphia Mint and one Uncirculated-quality copper-nickel clothed 2014-D Kennedy one-half dollar struck at the Denver Mint.

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The obverse of both coins features U.S. Mint Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts ‘ original 1963 sculpt of President John F. Kennedy that appeared on the Kennedy half dollar as introduced in 1964. Both coins bear the single date 2014. The portrait has been modified over the years, including the lowering of its respite .
Roberts created his original 1964 design curtly after Kennedy ‘s Nov. 22, 1963, assassination .
The Heraldic Eagle reversion by U.S. Mint Sculptor-Engraver Frank Gasparro is based on the presidential cachet .
Read about how the Mint is avoiding errors as it produces coins with the Gilroy Roberts design.

The box for the two-coin set includes a booklet and a coin menu. On the front of the booklet along with the United States Mint logo are the words “ fiftieth anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set. ” The coins are encapsulated in a freestanding circuit board in the folder so that the obverse and reversion of each coin are visible .
When the coin card is flipped over from the presence to the back, the text and reverse designs appear upright .
The front breed includes an elaborate partial effigy of the obverse of the 1964 Kennedy half dollar, along with the number 5 and the 1964 obverse mint image to represent the numeral 0, for “ 50. ” The inside of the booklet includes an exaggerated fond image of the reverse of the 1964 Kennedy one-half dollar, smaller coin images of the obverse and reverse of the 1964 Kennedy half dollar, along with information regarding the fiftieth anniversary of this mint design .
Coin design descriptions, a Certificate of Authenticity, and coin specifications are printed on the back of the card, which contains the two coins, along with the official seal of the Department of Treasury .
The two-coin specify is the first of three scheduled 50th Anniversary Kennedy half dollar numismatic products featuring Kennedy half dollars bearing Roberts ‘ original Kennedy sculpt .
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secrete dates are calm to be announced for a four-coin .900 finely silver 2014 fiftieth Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection set featuring coins from four different Mints with four different finishes — San Francisco ( Enhanced Uncirculated ), Denver ( Uncirculated ), Philadelphia ( regular Proof ), and West Point ( Reverse Proof ). All four coins will bear the single 2014 date .
besides to be offered is a dual-dated, 1964-2014, .9999 fine gold Proof Kennedy half dollar to be struck at the West Point Mint on planchets containing approximately 0.75 troy snow leopard of gold .
The two-coin set and single Proof gold coin are to be offered in Rosemont, Ill., Aug. 5 to 9 during the American Numismatic Association ‘s World ‘s Fair of Money .

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