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A Lesson in Coin Folders

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Coin folders are a novel and fun way to store your mint solicitation. We offer coin folders from Warman, Whitman and Dansco, each with their distinguished expression and unique features. Come fall upon which one is best suited for you and your needs .
Warman ’ s coin folders highlight fun facts and trivium within their pages. All hobbies should be as matter to and fun. Their larger-than-average folders measure 7 x 9.5 inches and feature die-cut slots to hold your cherished coins. All of these features are wrapped in Warman ’ randomness glossy and attractive cover.

Whitman coin folders open flat for all-at-once screening. They offer a three gore folder design measuring 7 ten 7.75 inches. coinage statistics arsenic well as early mint serial data are printed within the pages of these finely Whitman folders, making coin collecting entertaining adenine much as it is interesting. Whitman proudly builds their folders with the best archival-safe materials, ensuring no harm will come to your coins. These are sincerely procure and attractive mint folders .
last, but surely not least, Dansco offers their aesthetically pleasing mint folder. Take a long look at their embrown leatherette folders featuring gold-stamped letter ; simplicity is surely elegant. The Dansco argumentation of folders hold tan, plastic-coated pages with black letter. These pages can be removed and added with ease .
Each of these brands offer coin folders in varying denominations, dates, types and kind. For exercise, you can choose a booklet for nickels, for Franklin half-dollars or for state quarters. You will be amazed at the variety show of these coin folders. Visit our web site to discover the coin folders you need for your mint collection. And don ’ thyroxine forget to stock up on our other coin collecting supplies .

Five Tips for Properly Shipping Coins

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Five Tips for Properly Shipping Coins
As a coin collector, there will likely be some distributor point in which you need to ship coins. If you pack everything up correctly, you will have few worries. however, shipping coins surely can be a hazardous and delicate venture. You can easily find yourself in an undesirable place if your box is lost or stolen. To help avoid this situation, here are a few tips to help you successfully ship your coins .
1. ALWAYS GET A trailing NUMBER- As long as you have a traverse number, then any shipments that are lost will not be blamed on you. You need to make surely you notify the person you are shipping to that once the items are shipped, anything that happens is out of your control. You are taking a boastfully gamble by shipping coins without a track number .
2. REGISTER MAIL FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS- The most plug and safest way to send coins overseas is through read mail. Anyone who touches your package will have to sign for it, this includes all postal employees .
3. IT ’ S ALL ABOUT PROPER PACKAGING- Correctly packaging your coins before embark is an absolute must. For starters, proper packaging eliminates the possibility of damage to your coins. Don ’ triiodothyronine think that padded mailers are the solution, you need much more. For model, the AirTite Sure Safe Shipper offers the ultimate security when shipping your valuable coins. It is manufactured with separators to ensure coins do not come in contact with each early. Safe-T-Mailer second provide a convenient way to send coins in a unconstipated envelope and is padded and batten .
4. SHHHHH, NO NOISE- It is absolutely critical that you pack your coins so they make no make noise. The estimate is to create an environment where your box coins don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate act about or create any kind of good. The strait of coins is quite just besides tempting to some, and a corruptible person may just steal your box. One room to resolve this offspring is by utilizing mint holders such as coin tubes, wrappers and mint holders. And make sure you employ enough of bubble wind .
5. guarantee YOU ARE INSURED- It is a wise decision to insure your box for the approximate measure of the coins you are sending. This way, if something does happen during the transit, you can file a claim and recoup your passing .
Follow these five tips and your embark know will have a happy ending.Visit our web site to discover the coin supplies needed for proper embark .

Top 10 Facts About Coin Holders

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If you collect coins, then you are mindful that there are many types and styles of coin holders available on the market. Coin holders are available in everything from traditional coin wrappers to coin capsules, cardboard coin holders and much more. here are the top ten things you need to know about coin holders .
1. Coin Supply Planet carries a healthy variety show of mint holders including coin capsules, mint wrappers, coin folders, coin tubes, coin cases, coin binders, mint pages, coin flips and coin boxes .
2. Coin holders are available in a deviate degree of protection. Plastic coin holders will offer more protection for your cherished coins than cardboard holders .
3. Some coin holders are only safe for short-run use. For long-run storage, you will be better off use plastic coin holders .
4. Coin holders are available in a assortment of shapes and sizes. Coins come in many shapes and sizes, for optimum memory you will want to discover a holder that best fits the coin .
5. There are particularly made envelopes use to hold coins. The drawback to these envelopes is you must take the coins out in order to view them .
6. fictile tubes are ideal if you have several coins the same size. These tubes are designed to hold roll coins, it protects them by keeping them from moving about .
7. coin folders are a great way to store coins for the novice. Folders are an cheap and fun way to hold your coins.

8. Flips are small, diaphanous plastic holders that are normally two inches square when folded. many flips have a divide space to place a belittled card with the description of the coin .
9. Two by Twos are small cardboard holders with cellophane windows. Don ’ thyroxine put full trust in the list as these holders do come in a variety of sizes .
10. Coin holders should be utilized for all the coins in your collection. Keep your coins safe from the elements and accidents, you wouldn ’ triiodothyronine want your 1916-D dime bag to suffer damage .
As you can see, there is a mint holder for every need. nowadays, you don ’ t have any excuses for not by rights protecting your coin collection. Come and discover which type of coin holder will best serve your specific needs .

Guardhouse & Air-Tite Coin Holders Comparison

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The Lexus RX 350 offers 270 horsepower in a powerful 3.5 liter V6 engine, an eight-speed transmittance and exclusive outside style. All of this begin at around $ 48,000. The Hyundai Elantra offers a 1.8 liter V4 engine at 148 horsepower, a six-speed transmission and an optional pamperer, all for around $ 15,000. Both vehicles are highly rated and provide especial base hit features. barely because the Hyundai is a lesser sleep together maker, doesn ’ metric ton make it any less in measure. That is, both cars perform the duties you would expect, one just happens to be a more well known .
We are using this example to point out that our Guardhouse Coin Capsules perform just american samoa well as our Air-Tite direct Fit mint capsules. Both containers are extremely durable and will protect your coins during everyday activities. In fact, they are durable enough to protect your coins from the periodic calamity that is bound to occur from clock time to time .
Both the Guardhouse and the Air-Tite capsules offer your coins a cubby fit, ensuring they won ’ t rattle round. This gives the coins in these capsules a natural feel to them. Both brands of mint capsules are great choices for your coin collection .
The Air-Tite mint capsules are the Lexus of coin capsules. They offer a greater diverseness of holders and besides offer capsules with a band equip for lend constancy. We surely don ’ thymine want to take anything away from our Guardhouse capsules as this is merely a lesser known mark. The Guardhouse capsules offer the like security and function angstrom well for about half the cost .
These products feature direct fit and specific down to the millimeter. Some capsules even have padding for extra subscribe and stability. When it comes to attention to detail you can not go incorrect with one of our coin holders .

Brand  Direct Fit   Ring Fit 
Air-Tite X X
Guardhouse X

State Quarter Maps Comparison

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Check Out Our Coin Collecting Supplies Including Three Different State Quarter Maps

Map Open Size Folder Size
H.E. Harris 16” x 26” 16” x 13”
Littleton 16” x 26” 16” x 13”
Whitman 37.5” x 13.5” 12.5” x 13.5”

One of the newer contemporary pastimes is collecting our state and territory quarters. between 1999 and 2009, the United States issued quarters for each of the fifty dollar bill states plus each of the six U.S. Districts and Territories. These state quarters are relatively abundant and playfulness to collect for all age groups. To make collecting these coins flush more fun, we offer three state stern folded maps as a way to hold and display your collection. Let ’ s take a closer expression at our choice of expose maps so you can discover which one is best suited for you .
Our Littleton U.S. Quarters Map is made in the U.S.A. and will most surely make coin collecting a playfulness and educational feel. When opened, this map is a generous 16 ” x 26 ” so it is perfect for display purposes. Each submit is color-coded by the year of its stern ’ s exit. Kids will take an instant liking to geography as they insert each quarter snugly into its proper place with relief. The Littleton map is colorful, durable and folds in half for easy storage .
The Whitman State Quarters Map features a beautiful, 4-color outsize 3-fold folder with a snap latch. The Whitman boasts an excellent map invention with detailed information on each state of matter. These educational details include statehood date, capital, state dame and more. This makes the Whitman Map an ideal learning instrument. fully opened, the Whitman Map is 37.5 ” x 13.5 ”, making it the perfective size for displaying your quarters. When closed, the Whitman is a mere 12.5 ” x 13.5 ” for slowly storage .
Combine geography and history with coin collecting with the H.E. Harris State Quarters Map. This fine map is besides color-coded and features high-quality game board with a light gray leatherette cover.Quarters slide in their place with ease indeed even your kids can do it. When opened, the Harris Map measures a measly 16 ” x 26 ’ to display your solicitation .

As you can see, these quarter department of state maps are like in many aspects. The only differences are the dimensions and oscilloscope of decoration and color. We would love to recommend one map, but all three are quite good choices.

Whichever map you choose, you will most surely enjoys hour after hour of entertainment and determine. These maps make perfect gifts for grandkids, nephews, nieces or anybody who wants to have fun collecting our country quarters. Click immediately to learn more about our quarter state maps and learn which will best suit your needs .

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