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5. Obligation To Pay

5.3 – If you :

  • 5.3.1 – refuse to pay or otherwise fail to complete the purchase of an item when you are the Winning Purchaser (for example, if your credit card balance is insufficient to meet all money due)
  • 5.3.2 – do not comply with the terms and conditions of the Users Agreement

ALLBIDS may, in our absolute discretion cancel your ALLBIDS user account and:

  • 5.3.A – take legal action to recover all money owing to ALLBIDS, including any Buyers Premium and lost income;
  • 5.3.B – resell the item in any manner and on such conditions as ALLBIDS see fit without notice of resale to you and claim the net shortfall (between the Invoice Amount and the resale price received after deducting all expenses (as specified in (C)) (if any) from you
  • 5.3.C – charge you a dishonour fee of 2.5% of the Invoice Amount to cover cost of resale of the item, lost commission and Buyers Premium (if any), administration costs, restocking costs, additional costs including advertising, insurance, transportation, storage and any other reasonably incurred expenses incurred in reinstating ALLBIDS to the same position as if the item was sold to you
  • 5.3.D – in taking the steps in (A), (B) or (C), you authorise ALLBIDS to charge your credit card for any amount owing to us.

17. Collection of Goods

ALLBIDS may, in our absolute discretionand : 17.1 – All items must be collected from the ALLBIDS warehouse rigorously within 72 hours or the stipulate period written within the auction lot description unless another agreement has been made and agreed to in write by a director or conductor of ALLBIDS anterior to the auction close. In the event that any detail remains in the ALLBIDS warehouse for longer than 72 hours or the stipulate period and there is no written agreement to the reverse, ALLBIDS reserves the right to re-list the uncollected assets or items and re-sell them to another bidder. By purchasing an item you authorise ALLBIDS to sell an uncollected item and agree that ALLBIDS may sell any uncollected item as contemplated in this clause and indemnify ALLBIDS against any passing or damage no matter how, where or when occurring that may arise out of ALLBIDS sale or re-sale of the uncollected item.

17.2 – If the uncollected detail is sold for an total greater than it was in the first place purchased for the difference will be collectible to the original buyer less a $ 30 administration tip to cover account serve costs.

17.3 – If the uncollected detail is sold for an total less than it was in the first place purchased for the difference shall be retained by ALLBIDS and paid to the Vendor with the counterweight of monies paid being refundable to the master buyer less a $ 30 government tip to cover report serve costs .
17.4 – ALLBIDS reserves the correct to extend the 72 hour menstruation where, in its exclusive free will such extension is warranted .

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