This Old 5 Rupee Coin can Get you Rs 5 Lakh Online, Here’s How

What can you buy with a Rs 5 coin ? A few candies or a belittled packet of biscuits, possibly ? But, if you have this special mint that we are talking about, you can fetch Rs 5 hundred thousand online. Coin collection is a hobby for many, and this avocation seems to have become a ticket to big bucks recently. online platforms like OLX, Quickr are flooded with postings where buyers are fix to pay even in hundred thousand for some limited-edition special coins. One such station was recently spotted on Quickr where a Rs 5 coin has been listed for Rs 5 hundred thousand. however, this is not some ordinary mint. This rare mint is part of a set of coins released on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization in 1995. sol, if you have this 26-year-old coin in your collection, you may besides create a list a sample your luck in earning adult bucks. Here’s how you can sell your coin collection online on Quickr There are respective options where you can sell your coin online. One such platform is Quickr

– logarithm on to – now, register yourself as a seller by providing details like name, electronic mail, mobile act and other data. – cluck pictures of the coins you wish to sell – make a tilt and enter the description and location.

– Quote your expect price. – In font of a buyers contacts you, negotiate price with them and complete the exchange. In early such listings, a one mauritian rupee silver coin featuring Queen Victoria from the pre-independence era was listed at Rs 2 hundred thousand, while another british era coin featuring George V King Emperor 1918 was posted with a price tag of Rs 9 hundred thousand. If you have such rare coin collection, you may besides try platform like CoinBazzar and create your account by furnishing required details.

The Reserve Bank of India ( RBI ) has recently cautioned the general public on against fraudsters using the diagnose and logo of Reserve Bank of India seeking charges, and deputation or taxes from the public in online transactions of buying and selling erstwhile bank notes and coins. “ Reserve Bank of India has besides not authorised any institution/firm/ person etc. to collect charges/commission on its behalf in such transactions, ” RBI said in its telling. Cautioning the general public, the RBI said asked all “ not to fall raven to assumed offers of buying/selling of old banknotes and coins. ” Read all the Latest News, Breaking News and Coronavirus News here. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram .

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