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Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.
The followings are the updates for this month.

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[Patch Note Highlight]

1. Colorblind assist mode 

Colorblind help modality is added to Option menu to improve in game ocular experience. This new feature is designed to assist users with ocular conditions, red-green color blindness.
Simply go to Option and you ’ ll find the newfangled section, Colorblind aid modality. Enabling the mode will shift the color scheme of in equal UI like Gage stripe, Stamina, Shot clock, etc.
2.Season’s change in Loading page

With scolding hot weather coming ahead, load the game with high pitched cicada phone.
3.In match Token event

Party time for those who were low on Tokens. Play 3on3 normal mode and Co-op manner and pick up tokens at the end of the match. This Token world has generous amount of Tokens if you are ready to get in !
rule : There is a 50 % prospect of getting the event. Rewards : 1 gold mint is equivalent to 20 Tokens.
4. Matching System improved
system has been improved to allow eminent level players to have less find to compete or play with newly joined players.

5. Crew Hangout gesture and emoticon

3on3FS now supports Emoticons and gestures. Along with our existing feature, Macro chew the fat, users can be more expressive in Crew Hangout. Come check out in Avatar Management and pop all these whenever you feel like.
More fun contents to be updated and will be available to purchase.
6.Newcomer’s Login Event

Login for 14 days and grab all these ! Perfect opportunity to step up your crippled with items that could make a character fully quick to compete !
– principle : The event is limited to the newly joined players from 28th of June forward. – reward :

 Day Reward 
Day 1 XP Drink ( S ) * 3
Day 2 10000 Coins * 1
Day 3 XP Drink ( S ) * 15
Day 4 Beginners Manual * 7
Day 5 XP Drink ( M ) * 10
Day 6 Intermediate Manual * 10
Day 7

XP Drink ( M ) * 15
Day 8 XP Drink ( L ) * 5
Day 9 Advanced Manual * 5
Day 10 Skill Training Ball * 5
Day 11 Gold Card Ticket * 4
Day 12 Random Platinum Pack * 1
Day 13 XP Drink ( L ) * 10
Day 14 50 Points * 1

**As you are done with day 14, you can not redo the event. **The acquired rewards go to your message Box. ​

[New Contents]
1. Platinum Card Pack on sale (6/28 – 7/11 23:59 PDT)

Platinum batting order is second on sale for a limited time only. Grab your find to have these rare items. 1 Platinum Card is only at 33 Points.
2. New Outfit

Looks like we are going to have more ‘ straight out of College ’ manner. The classic jeans and top jazz band never fails. Check out these 3 casual set !

More skateboard bags are open. These items are beautifully detailed and patterned for those who appreciate some good erstwhile graffito.

3.Together Celebration 

4. Avatar outfit update Get your hands on to this newly funky collection. Find your own fit with the big outfit release. 8 funky tops and bottoms, head accessories are available in ‘ Manage Outfit ’.
[Updated Items]

1. Tutorial Reward Tutorial honor has been changed to 3k coins and 5 XP Drink ( S ) **Please be noted that tutorial reward can be claimed only when you complete it without always skipping.
2. Intensive note time limit  Before : A calendar month counts down when users buy the 5th one. After : Users can buy the adjacent batch ( 6th intensive note ) notes on the inaugural weekend of the next month. Ex ) when purchasing the 5th one on 2 of intensifier 9st of June, users can get the 6th one on the coming Saturday, 7/6.
3. Line up page update Users can check our latest update on trace up page along with Solo and Crew Quests.
[Bug Fixed]

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– minor bugs have been fixed.

informant : https://coinselected.com
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