How to complete “Bankrupt” objective, running without getting coins?

For this objective, you need to be golden and skilled. It’s like the short versions where tipping and jumping can get you past mint sections without grabbing any, but harder. There are a few carry sections which make this impossible :
1 ) The mine cable car sections broadly you can not avoid coins on the single-track sections, so you are doomed if you happen to get a mine car section in the first base 2000m .
2 ) The narrow board sections are basically impossible to run through without getting coins .
3 ) A “ aureate mint ” or “ magnet ” exponent up above a col in a bridge means that you will end up collecting coins.

so if you get any of those, you ‘ll pretty much have to try again. The parts where the path is narrow can besides spell trouble, although sometimes you can jump to avoid coins there is the placement is friendly .
A few things to note now after completing this objective on multiple devices :
1 ) The water system slide sections are great for this objective, as you can dive submerged for long stretches and keep off coins and obstacles there.

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2 ) In the earlier versions, you could intentionally die if you were about to get some coins inescapably, and then resurrect and be far down the paths and hopefully be in a target where it was again easier to avoid coins. But with the give system of Resurrection rewards, many of the Resurrection rewards ( any gold or the magnet ) ruin the “ no coins ” expression of your run. But if you have some gems to spare, you can reroll the reward until you either get the shield baron up ( utilitarian for avoiding coins ) or the run boost ( crafty to continue avoiding coins but at least potential. ) It may take a fairly total of rerolled rewards for this to be useful, so credibly it does n’t make smell unless you are already stopping point to 2000m and precisely hoping to get a small far without coins .
3 ) It is deserving jumping to get the Shield power up when trying to complete this aim, as that can help you survive while trying to avoid coins. The Gem and Artifacts Chests you can jump for but do n’t help or hurt, and the Coin and Magnet ones are bad and need to be avoided. Boost does n’t directly destroy things, but it by and large makes it harder.

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4 ) Those stone arches are unmanageable because they block the opinion of the coins past them, making it hard to know which side to be on. With the carapace might up active, you can jump through the arch and see where the coins are n’t and aim to land there to avoid coins .
I found that it took many efforts but it was decent to have a full challenge and a new aim. One thing is that if you have n’t already completed the Mega Runner objective of needing 1000 life games, you may make some good advancement on that with all of the short-change abort games where you by chance grabbed some coins !
edit : Some people recommend pausing at corners and such to stop to get a better opinion of where the coins are, but I did n’t find that necessary .

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