24 Hour Fitness Took My Stuff Out Of My Paid Locker And Told Me They Weren’t Responsible.

The Story Of How 24 Hour Fitness Took My Stuff Out Of My Paid For Every Month Locker And Then Told Me They Owed Me Nothing. No Refund.
No Cost Of My Stuff.

I rarely write reviews, and I never wrote a minus review before. I like to give people and businesses the benefit of the doubt. however, the crying nature in which I was treated at 24 Hour Fitness by Tasha ( the coach who somehow could not find her commercial enterprise card ) merits not just a bad review but I want it to serve as a warn to any who seek a health club. This is not about equipment or trainers this is about larceny of valuables out of a locker ( # 142 ) that I was paying for on a monthly footing.

I did not work-out at the golf club for the past 5 months due to a family issue I was attending to. But, since I was paying for a footlocker every calendar month I was not worried. today, Monday, May 11, 2015, I went to get my things out of my cabinet. It was empty. Tasha, the coach, who escorted me down to my locker looked on her plane and said that her records did not show me as having a cabinet at the club. And, that because I was renting month-to-month The Club is not responsible to refund me any of the money for the things THEY took out of my locker. 24 Hour Fitness decided to empty my cabinet and my things may or may not be in a lost and found localization and she may or may not be able to find them. In either case they are not refunding me any of the money if they do n’t find the goods. thus, according to Tasha ‘s logic, they could empty all the lockers and sell people ‘s stuff on Ebay and never be responsible for anything. Great source of extra gross.

She told me she was being big when explained to me that she can refund me 3 months ( not the 5 that was owed due to their erroneousness or the monetary value of my stuff ) and that she did not even have to do that.

Every son out of her talk had to deal with the fact that she was offended by my tone of spokesperson. YES TASHA ! My stuff was taken out of my footlocker. You should have to expect me not to offer you a cup of coffee bean. This woman is so confused from anything flush remotely resembling customer service that I cancelled my membership ! And, I am taking it upon myself to WARNING everyone about this club and its policies of “ we are not legally obligated to anything, even if you paid for it ”.

I understand why they have a 1.3 star Rating on the Consumer Affairs Website based on 127 ailment distribution ( statistically more accurate ) and 3 star rat on all 235 complaints.

You have been warned!

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