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The American Gold Eagle Coins from the United States Mint are available per annum in bullion, proof, and burnished versions. The proof American Gold Eagle includes the same four weights as the bullion handout, but offers something particular the bullion coin does not in the form of a 4-coin collectible set issued each year. Right now, 2019-W 4-Coin Proof American Gold Eagle Sets are available to purchase online from JM Bullion. Coin Set Highlights:

  • Arrives inside of a commemorative 4-coin US Mint display box and includes a Certificate of Authenticity!
  • 33rd year of availability for Proof American Gold Eagles!
  • Limited availability of 4-coin sets!
  • Contains nearly 2 Troy oz of actual gold content.
  • Each coin bears an individual face value in USD backed by the federal government.
  • Obverse of each coin features Lady Liberty.
  • Reverse side of the coins includes an American bald eagle family.
  • Includes W mint marks from the West Point Mint.

Each of the 2019-W 4-Coin Proof American Gold Eagle Sets available to you in this merchandise listing includes each of the individual 2019 Proof Gold Eagles. Each years release features a 1 oz gold mint, 1/2 oz aureate coin, 1/4 oz gold coin, and the 1/10 oz aureate mint. The 4-coin rig is housed in a United States Mint commemorative display box and features a Certificate of Authenticity with leverage. Proof Gold Eagles have matte, frosted design elements overlaying background fields that are mirrored. The remainder between the two elements creates ocular contrast between the design and setting field. All Proof Gold Eagle Coins feature a W mint score from the West Point Mint as well.

On the obverse of 2019-W 4-Coin Proof American Gold Eagle Sets, youll find the prototype of Lady Liberty. This design was created in 1907 by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. He was commissioned by President Theodore Roosevelt to help revamp american mint design in the early twentieth hundred and developed this picture of Liberty in a front-facing relief as she walks forward from the national capital.

Saint-Gaudens design of Liberty featured on the $ 20 Gold Double Eagle circulation mint from 1907 to 1933 and is wide regarded as the best coin plan in the nations history. Saint-Gaudens never lived to see his design in circulation though, dying from disease in 1907 just months before the US Mint began striking the coins. The reverse of Proof American Gold Eagle Coins features a alone purpose from Miley Busiek. Designed in 1986 entirely for the American Gold Eagle, this trope includes a male eagle flying over the nest as a female eagle shelters a hatchling within the nest. If you have any questions, please contact JM Bullion. Our customer servicing team is available to you at 800-276-6508, online using our know chat, and via our e-mail address .

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