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anticipation is building nowadays for some collectors with the United States Mint launching its 2019 Uncirculated Coin Set at noon eastern Time .
Known colloquially as the 2019 Mint Set, the product contains 20 coins in two folders with a red-themed booklet holding 10 uncirculated coins from the Denver Mint and a blue-themed folder holding 10 uncirculated coins from the Philadelphia Mint. The coins are produced to a higher quality than those minted for circulation .

“ The United States Mint strikes its uncirculated coins on dedicate presses that use greater force out than those used to produce circulating coins, ” the Mint describes. “ This technique results in a sharp, elaborately detail double. ”

Inside the 2019 Mint Set is pairs of the surveil uncirculated coins :

  • 2019 Native American dollar (Mary Golda Ross space-themed design)
  • 2019 Kennedy half dollar
  • 2019 Lowell National Historical Park (Massachusetts) quarter
  • 2019 American Memorial Park (Northern Mariana Islands) quarter
  • 2019 War in the Pacific National Historical Park (Guam) quarter
  • 2019 San Antonio Missions National Historical Park (Texas) quarter
  • 2019 Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness (Idaho) quarter
  • 2019 Roosevelt dime
  • 2019 Jefferson nickel
  • 2019 Lincoln cent

The five quarters are issued as separate of the U.S. Mint ’ mho America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. As such, their reverse designs will not be used beyond 2019. In addition, the 2019 native american $ 1 Coin besides has a one-year-only overrule design .
Includes Special Edition ‘W’ Cent
Uncirculated Mint Sets have been issued annually for decades. They are a United States Mint flagship product for coin collectors. As an add bonus this year, every stage set besides ships with an uncirculated 2019 Lincoln cent from the West Point Mint. Featuring a “ W ” batch mark, it is the last of three special edition cents for 2019 .
Earlier released “ W ” mint crisscross Lincoln cents include a bonus validation penny shipped with the 2019 Proof Set and a special inverse proof cent shipped with the 2019 Silver Proof Set .
Like those, the agio cent that comes with the 2019 Mint Set is packaged individually in authorize United States Mint credit card wrap .
Price, Ordering and Sales Expectations

Set price is $ 21.95, which is the like monetary value as the set from 2018 .
Buy the 2019 Uncirculated Coin Set with the extra bounty penny directly from the U.S. Mint via this link, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT ( 872-6468 ) .
No mintage, family or product limits are in place .
For character, the latest sales data for the still available 2018 Mint Set has it at 247,369 units. The 2019 Mint Set is expected to outperform it. This class ’ s inaugural two sets with bonus “ W ” cents notched sales totals in weeks that took survive class ’ mho sets months to reach .

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