TOP 5 U.S. Coins of 2019

This class has been a big year in coins and this is the perfect time to look at the best coins of the 2019. however, before we break down the top 5 there are two releases that surely deserve an ethical mention. In actuality both of them were released in multiple denominations and alloy content. First up is the Apollo 11 fiftieth Anniversary Commemorative coin program. With the unique arch design and amazing visualize of the coins, these were great sellers from the Mint and surely deserve to be mentioned. The second Honorable note and fast selling coins were the american Legion 100th Anniversary silver and gold coins.The american Legion has been instrumental in helping and preserving seasoned ‘s rights. This surely resonated with veteran collector ‘s and are great coins in their own veracious.

TOP 5 U.S. Coins of 2019 immediately, onto the best. 5. American Liberty 2019 High Relief Gold Coin This is one beautiful coin ! It’s senior high school easing come to and having an Enhanced Uncirculated finish make it a very unique coin. Add in that it is made of 24 kt gold with a coinage specify of just 50,000 coins make this a very collectible coin. History tells us that at this monetary value steer, all 50,000 will not sell out, expect the final mintage to be a lot lower. 4. American Palladium Eagle Reverse Proof This is just third palladium coin ever struck by the U.S. Mint. Each class has had a different ending and a bunch of collectors think the Reverse Proof finish is the most attractive. It is besides struck as a high easing mint with a mintage restrict of only 30,000 coins. Add in the fact that palladium is 35 times more rare than gold and you have one rare coin ! 3. Pride of Two Nations Limited Edition Two Coin Set

This sold out fast on the day of publish ! One of the few collaborations done, the set contained a 2019-W Silver Eagle with an Enhanced Reverse Proof end ( the first base time this has ever been done ) and a 2019 $ 5 Silver canadian Maple Leaf having a Modified Proof finish up. All 110,000 coins sold out on the first day of issue. You ‘re golden if you have one ! 2. 2019 Bullion Gold Eagles This one fly under about everyone ‘s radar ! With all of the special release coins the Mint makes each year, it ‘s easy to dismiss the bullion aureate and argent. however, it is besides the most collect versions of the coins each year. The report sales this year for each coin is : $ 5- 195,000 top 5 rarest bullion ! $ 10- 38,000 exceed 5 rarest bullion ! $ 25- 30,000 2nd rare bullion ! $ 50- 108,000 RAREST bullion !

1. 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle If you tried to order this mint on November 14th, I do n’t have to explain the frustration ! TWICE I made it to check out just to have everything doss while placing my holy order. I was not the merely one by far ! There are some collectors who have vowed to never regulate coins from the Mint again … it was that much of a trouble. It is a beautiful coin and has the lapp alone stopping point as it ‘s west Point counterpart. It besides has a laughably humble coinage of barely 30,000 coins making it the rare american english Silver Eagle produced. It completely sold out in 17 minutes. Some people think this caused as much damage as good since immediately upon selling out they were being offered on the secondary coil market for 100 times secrete price ! ! The Mint has vowed to rework their regulate process but in my opinion they barely should have made more coins to begin with. If your ordain went through, the perch of us actually do n’t like you. Just kid !

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