2018 Great Britain 10 Pence 6.5 Gram Silver Great British Hunt J – Jubilee Proof

“J” is for Jubilee – The Latest Silver Proof in the Great British Coin Hunt Series!
Inspired by the achiever of America ’ s 50 State Quarters Program, the british Royal Mint launched its own coin undertaking. The theme is the “ Great british Coin Hunt ” and features a 26-coin set up that covers everything british from a to Z. Launched in March of 2018, the demand for these coins was indeed intense that it crashed the Royal Mint ’ s network site on the very first day of free !

When you feast your eyes on the 26 designs you ’ ll understand why british collectors went barbarian. There is a different design for every letter of the alphabet on the state ’ s 10-pence coins. At 24.5 millimeter in diameter, the 10-pence coin is slenderly larger than a U.S. quarter and they circulate widely throughout the United Kingdom. The finish of the serial is for people to “ search ” through their scoop variety and discover al the unique designs .

In addition to the circulating coinage, the Royal Mint is besides issuing a limited edition of proof strike in british sterling silver. We ’ re in the serve of securing as many of the silver proof as we can and making them available to GovMint customers. The mint available here is “ J ” for Jubilee in honor Queen Elizabeth ’ s Silver and Diamond Jubilees – anniversaries that the entire Commonwealth celebrated. The reverse of the coin features Queen Elizabeth ’ s Gold State Coach with the letter “ J ” centered fair below the baby buggy design .

Queen Elizabeth II ’ s beautiful Gold State Coach has been used at the coronation ceremony of every british Monarch since George IV in 1821. The brilliant carriage looks like something out of a fairy narrative and it is gilded in gold and lined with velvet and satin. The passenger car weighs 4 tons and is pulled by eight horses – always Windsor Greys. Since her own coronation, Queen Elizabeth II has used the carriage fair doubly : on the days of her Silver and Diamond Jubilees .

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Fans of the Royal Family arsenic well as coin collectors are going crazy for this coin. But you don ’ t have to travel to Great Britain to get one and you don ’ t need a fondness coachman ’ randomness uniform. Just add it to your haul !

  • INCREDIBLE NEW SERIES – The Great British Coin Hunt series features 26 designs on 10-pence coins. In 2017, the British Royal Mint conducted a survey to discover what makes the country quintessentially British. They assigned a letter for a particular aspect of British society from “A” to “Z.” The results for each letter were chosen for the design of each coin released in 2018.
  • LEGAL TENDER COINS – Each coin in the 2018 Great British Coin Hunt series is legal tender throughout the United Kingdom with a denomination of 10 pence.
  • STRUCK IN GLEAMING SILVER – Your 2018 Great British Coin Hunt Jubilee coin is struck in 6.5 gm of 92.5% silver.
  • GORGEOUS PROOF CONDITION – This beautiful coin is struck in gorgeous Proof condition, a distinction that means it was struck multiple times under high pressure using specially polished dies so that your coin shows all the detail of its design against mirrored fields.
  • LIMITED EDITION – Each proof in the 2018 Great British Coin Hunt series is limited to no more than 15,000.

The Great british Coin Hunt program is taking the mint world by storm. Don ’ thyroxine miss out – add the Jubilee Silver Proof to your collection today !

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