Possum Magic Coins

Australia 2018 50c Colorized Possum Magic, PCGS PR70DCAM. Click image to enlarge.
once upon a prison term, but not therefore long ago, the Royal Australian Mint released a group of commemorative coins for a children ’ sulfur book called Possum Magic. The Royal Australian Mint is no stranger to releasing commemorative coinage for circulation and for collectors to purchase as non-circulating legal affectionate ( NCLT ). Yet, there is something quite fresh in the celebration of both Australia and a beloved children ’ s book being on a circle coin .
Possum Magic, a book written by Merrion Frances “ Mem ” Fox, follows the floor of two australian possums, Grandma Poss and her grandchild Hush. originally written in 1978, the book was rejected by nine publishers until one, Omnibus Books, asked for it to be reduced in size by two-thirds and that all of the animals be australian animals to focus on the australian theme. thus, Possum Magic was published with the report of Grandma Poss using her opossum charming to turn Hush inconspicuous to protect the child from the dangers of the australian Bush. Forgetting how to make Hush visible again, Grandma Poss and Hush set out on an venture to tour Australia to find a bring around. By 2011, Possum Magic had sold three million copies .
Australia 2018 50c Possum Magic, PCGS MS68. Click image to enlarge.

In 2017, the Royal Australian Mint issued commemorative coins to celebrate Mem Fox ’ s book Possum Magic with both collector-issue and circulation-issue neologism. interim, 50 penny coins were issued in Possum Magic Six-Coin Baby Coin sets in 2018 and 2019. The uncirculated issues for the sets entail an uncirculated set of australian coins with the generic circulation-issue 5 Cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, $ 1, and $ 2 coins and includes a special-issue 50 Cent coin featuring Grandma Poss using “ Possum Magic. ” The 2018 Uncirculated Possum Magic Baby Mint Set had a mintage of 26,275 and the 2019 saw a production figure of 11,641. Proof Possum Magic Baby Sets were besides minted in 2018 and 2019 that besides feature six-coins with a special Colorized Proof Grandma Poss Using Possum Magic coin included. These sets have a coinage of 9,953 for 2018 and 4,728 for 2019 .
Australia 2017 1c Possum Magic, PCGS MS66RD. Click image to enlarge.
Australia 2017 $1 Possum Magic; Hush Turns Invisible, PCGS MS67. Click image to enlarge.
Australia 2017 $1 Possum Magic, Cycling in Search of Food, PCGS MS67. Click image to enlarge.

Australia 2017 $1 Possum Magic, Eating Lamingtons, PCGS MS67. Click image to enlarge.
Australia 2017 $1 Possum Magic, Hush Visible Forever, PCGS MS66. Click image to enlarge.
In 2017 a Possum Magic coin collection set was issued with featured a special One Cent mint designed by Julie Vivas depicting a opossum holding a reserve. The One Cent mint had ceased production in Australia, so it is a limited set-only issue. The set besides include four different Possum Magic $ 1 coins each depicting particular scenes from the book, including Grandma Poss magically turning Hush invisible, Grandma Poss and Hush riding a bicycle around Australia looking for food to turn Hush visible again, Grandma Poss watching Hush corrode charming lamingtons, and Hush visible constantly. The four $ 1 coins were not issued for circulation and the set had a coinage of 400,100. besides included in the set are the three $ 2 coins issued for circulation. These three coins are colorized with motley rings around the inner blueprint and feature Hush invisible hang from a tree, Hush ’ s tail becoming visible after eating a vegemite sandwich, and happy Hush visible again. Besides the set consequence mintage, the three $ 1 coins were issued into circulation with a coinage of 2,000,000 pieces each .
Australia 2017 $2 Possum Magic, Hush Invisible, PCGS MS66. Click image to enlarge.

Australia 2017 $2 Possum Magic, Hush’s Tail is Visible, PCGS MS66. Click image to enlarge.
Australia 2017 $2 Possum Magic, Hush is Visible, PCGS MS66. Click image to enlarge.
There is something quite charming about issuing a commemorative mint honoring a democratic children ’ s book, specially as a legal-tender coin. By this point in time, multiple generations have enjoyed the australian cultural-themed fib book. And finding a piece in circulation brings back nostalgia while promoting numismatics and reading to children and literacy. then, while Hush might disappear in the history, color coins featuring the fictional character are presently visible in circulation and will finally disappear into collections assembled by both children and adults .

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