2016 “Lest We Forget” Coin Collection: $3 In Flander’s Fields Silver Coin, Canadian Navy Set, Vicotry in Europe Set & 12-Piece Historic Coins

Your Remembrance Coin Collection Includes:

2015 $3 Fine Silver Coin – 100th
Anniversary of “In Flanders Fields”
This $ 3 pure silver flat proof mint pays marks the hundredth anniversary of the poem “ In Flanders Fields ”, and is a memorial of those who bravely served their state – lest we forget. The blueprint by canadian artist Laurie McGaw features a side-profile of Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae as he composes his celebrated poem, In Flanders Fields. There, on the battlefield a uniform McCrae is seated with playpen and paper in hand, using his promote second joint as a writing coat. He appears deep in remember and fixed upon the task at hand ; in the background to the good of McCrae, an ambulance hand truck is parked before a field tent – a admonisher of McCrae ’ s aesculapian character with the canadian brigade during the First World War. A more haunting sight to the exit and behind McCrae is the landscape covered with makeshift graves for the fallen soldiers ; this, together with the poppies that can be seen along the leftover edge of the double field, inspired the lines “ In Flanders fields the poppies blow, Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place… ” The obverse features the effigy of King George V by Sir Edward B. MacKennal, as used on canadian coins in the First World War period.
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1910-2010 RCM Navy Centennial
Coin and Stamp Set

In 2010, Canada marked the hundredth anniversary of the constitution of our own navy. To mark the event, the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Post have jointly issued this Navy Centennial Coin and Stamp Set. The collection includes a unique gold plated dark blue collector coin, a navy commemorative cast sheet, and a booklet outlining the history of Canada ’ s dark blue. The collection is presented in an attractive aluminum case featuring a photograph double from 1910 showing Canada ’ s first united states navy recruits.

design : The chief coin design features a Halifax-class Frigate flanked by a 1910 naval serviceman and a contemporaneous female naval officeholder. An anchor at the top of the design symbolizes Canada ‘s naval service. The obverse features a modern effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Stamp Sheet : The commemorative seal sheet depict the past and confront of Canada ’ s naval overhaul. The first stamp features a authoritative bluejacket picture behind one of Canada ’ s beginning warships, HMCS Niobe. The second stamp features a contemporary female naval policeman behind an double of a mod frigate, HMCS Halifax.
Product No. 623932028661

V-E Day Set In 2005, the Royal Canadian Mint produced a commemorative five cent mint to mark the sixtieth anniversary of VE Day – Victory in Europe near the conclusion of WWII in 1945. The coins were produced for collectors in sterling silver in dear flawless double strike frosted cameo validation condition, together with a tan medallion depicting Land, Air and Sea imagination on the reverse and the late King George VI on the obverse. A 36 page bilingual booklet detailing Canada ’ s significant character leading up to the conclusion of the war in Europe, with photograph depicting the canadian effort, is besides included in the display.
Product No. 623932245853

Original War Issue 5 Cent Coins
The collection includes a dispatch original determine of war topic nickels dated 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945. 1942 and 1943 5 penny coins are made of a brass section alloy called “ tombac ” since nickel was needed for war materials. The 1944 and 1945 5 cent coin are made of chrome plated steel. The design on the 1943 and 1945 coins incorporates Winston Churchill ’ s V for Victory, and an external code message circling the brim : “ We Win When We Work Willingly. ” All of the coins are in excellent collectible condition.

Additional War and Remembrance

commemorative Coins : $ 2 Battle of the Atlantic, $ 2 Wait for me Daddy coin, 2004 poppy quarter, 2008 poppy quarter, 2010 Remembrance Day Poppies quarter, 2015 color poppy quarter, 2015 classical poppy draw, and a 1945-2005 5 penny coin
Historic Stamps : Five canadian Stamps

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