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This series is everything collecting coins is about – beautiful artwork, an impressive large format, intrinsic value, genuine rarity, and a likelihood for the market measure to substantially appreciate very quickly. When the Royal Canadian Mint introduced the 2015 five ounce silver Big Coins series survive year as Canada ’ s new highest quality proof set, each coin was wholly sold out within minutes of free. With a mintage of equitable 1500, need far exceeded the limit measure produced, and the series quickly appreciated in respect to ampere much as $ 1,200 per mint in the secondary commercialize.

now for 2016, Big Coins refund with newfangled vibrant selective discolor, bringing each of our circulation designs to liveliness in a dramatic way never seen ahead. The series includes the Loon Dollar, Caribou Quarter, Beaver Nickel, Bluenose Dime, Polar Bear Two Dollars, and Coat of Arms Half Dollar, all beautifully double fall upon in .9999 all right eloquent with a weight unit of precisely over five ounces and a big format diameter of 65 millimeter. possibly most importantly for collectors, the extremely circumscribed mintage of 1500 remains unaltered from last year, making this a series that lone the first to order will be able receive at the original offspring price of $ 519.95 per coin.

As pure silver coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, there is no HST or GST applicable on this serial.

Delivery Schedule and Bonus Wood Case

The fresh 2016 big Coins are being released one at a prison term between November 2015 and September 2016. The Loon Dollar is the first to be released, and will ship immediately when you order this six piece set. The remaining coins will be shipped and billed at $ 519.95 each as they are released by the Mint. A premium forest expose encase to house all six coins will be shipped at no extra cost with the second or third base coin in the series, creating a spectacular large format complete Big Coins proof stage set.

Royal Canadian Mint’s Planned Release Dates

One dollar with Loon Design – November 2015
25 Cents with Caribou Design – January 2016
10 Cents with Bluenose Design – March 2016
5 Cents with Beaver Design – May 2016
Two Dollars with Polar Bear – July 2016
50 Cents with Coat-of-Arms – September 2016
Please note release dates or order of coins may be subjugate to change .

Our Recommended Pick of the Year. Here’s Why:
-Huge impressive looking beautiful coins with a 65mm diameter
-Extremely low mintage of barely 1,500
-The highest choice arrant coin set issued by the RCM
-Each coin weighs 5 ounces of pure all right silver medal
-Striking contrast of selective color against the brilliant silver textured fields
-6 coin wood display case included free with subscription
-Strong likely for increase in value
-2015 Big Coins have increased in value, ranging in price from $ 700 to $ 1,200
-HST/GST exempt

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