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News Corp Australia in concurrence with the Royal Australian Mint have released a 14 coin set commemorating 100 years of ANZAC, keeping the ANZAC stories alive. The official coin collection was available in the complete set to subscribers with a particular exclusive excess mint ( more on this subsequently ) and individual coins were available every day of the promotion with the purchase of a News Corp newspaper. News Corps national network of newspapers include The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail and The Advertiser in Adelaide .
The first coin in the fructify, WWI 1914-1918, came unblock ( using the token ) with the purchase of a newspaper on Saturday 11th April. With this, collectors received a free collectors album to house the coin collection. AFL matches played that weekend used this first coin in their coin pass ! The remaining 13 coins were released each day until April 24 at a cost of $ 3 per coin .
As a fund-raise attract for Legacy The Westpac Group donated $ 500,000 and as such were associated with this liberation raising awareness, sharing stories and keeping the ANZAC stories alive, which is the effect of this crusade. The implication was that separate of the $ 3 coin cost would be donated to Legacy but this is not chastise.

The bonus mint mentioned earlier is the 2015 1 dollar coin with a red poppy printed in the center of the design and is named ‘ War Heroes ’, the 15th coin completing the set but was initially alone available to those with newspaper subscriptions. Hence, a set of people joined up and a impertinently printed newspaper flew into our front yard early this good morning. I ’ d imagine a lot of newspaper subscriptions will be cancelled in the come weeks. It ’ s besides come to faint that there has been a trader allotment of these coins. This coin is the most seek in the determined.

A arrant number of the 20 cent coins issued is below. Because of the way these were issued it ’ second very likely some of these coins will find their direction into circulation although they have been intended entirely for the collector market ( NCLT ). Examples of the first coin WWI 1914-1918 ( which was free to everyone who bought that return of the newspaper ) have already turned up in change .
WWI 1914-1918
WWI Mateship
WWI Light Horsemen
WWI Home presence
WWI Royal Australian Navy
WWI Remembrance Day
WWI Nurses
WWI Wartime Animals
WWI The final Post
WWI War Correspondents
WWI Australian Flying Corps
WWI Australian Imperial Force
WWI The Unknown Soldier
WWI Gallipoli Landing

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