The Coin Analyst: 2013 Low Mintage U.S. Modern Coins

By Louis Golino for CoinWeek ………
Those who do the best with their coins financially are not inevitably the most well off, but rather tend to be the most intelligent, particularly who besides act on their cognition .
One major purpose of this column is to help make collectors and buyers of mod coins better informed and to make recommendations during the year for modern U.S. and world coins that appear to have the best likely to become raw low-mintage key coins, or to increase in measure beyond issue price .
golino_2013_thumb It is authoritative to keep in thinker such coins can be identified by looking at sales trends and comparing them with those of earlier years, but it has become harder than ever to try to predict future values. Lower mintages are becoming largely the average in many serial due to lower Mint sales, which is due to economic factors and all the series competing for collector dollars. This means that secondary market premiums on such coins are probably to normally be smaller than they would have been in the past in many cases. And they will be more volatile as one class ’ sulfur low mintage is replaced by another year ’ mho coin.

But the notion that sales will inescapably keep trending downward is misguided as it depends on many factors like what happens to precious metallic element prices, demand for the particular serial, and the fact that a low coinage one year, such as the 2012-W bright gold eagle, can stir up more concern in the next year ’ mho coins, which in fact ended up with higher sales .
With that in beware, here are some coin recommendations I made during the year that have panned out, not necessarily in values in each casing, as many just sold-out, but these coins have set new broken mintages and should perform well proportional to issue price .

2013-W burnished silver eagle

On December 20 the Mint announced the sell-out of this coin, which I have suggested throughout the class would credibly be a achiever, although the previous day there was some confusion as function of the Mint ’ s web site said it was sold out, while other parts showed it as still available. Some buyers were still able to place orders on the 19th, but they may not all be fulfilled .
2013-W_ase_burn This coin, with sales therefore far of 178,572, plus the ones in the annual dollar sets ( 18,006 ), is poised to become the newfangled buff series key american samoa well as one of the overall silver eagle key. survive year ’ randomness coin is the current gloomy with sales of 230,872 including both individual sales and those in the dollar sets .
It is improbable that enough 2013 dollar sets will be sold to push the mintage of the 2013 mint over that of the 2012, unless the Mint keeps them on sale for a retentive time, or if the sell-out of the individual option drives more and more people to the dollar sets. The dollar sets recently went into backorder so the Mint could produce another batch, which is now in standard, but we do not know how many they made. I suspect it was not a huge run as the Mint is gearing up for the 2014 coins, which will be sold earlier in the year than usual .
It is of course possible that future year or even more probably some other year will see an flush lower coinage. A draw will depend on eloquent prices and how many other silver eagle products like special sets are competing for collector dollars .
This year the West Point sets diverted some attention and money away from the buff eagles. More broadly, this particular type of silver eagle while popular has not quite caught on the way early coins the series have like the invert proofread, which credibly explains declining sales numbers .
secondary prices for the 2012-W mint, which had a mintage well lower than any other year in the buff series except for the special 2011-S burnished mint that was merely available in the twentieth anniversary set with a coinage of 100,000, have not been that strong apart from MS70 examples. 70 ’ s are going for between $ 100 and $ 150 depending on label and grade service and were available for about $ 70 while the Mint was calm selling the coin.

sol far bleak and MS69 graded examples of the 2012-W have not very taken off, but for some reason the 2012 annual dollar set that includes this coin and the dress dollars issued in 2012 has reached very health premiums recently. On e-Bay the put has sold for equally much as $ 130, even though the component coins are much cheaper. While it is true that not many 2012 sets were sold ( 28,368 ), I am not certain why these sets have done sol good, and think it could be one of those temp opportunities to sell and make a decent profit over write out price, which I did with my two sets since I besides have some naked coins and a 70 and the early dollar coins from the set are in the 2012 mint set .
Depending on how many 2013 dollar sets are sold, the 2013-W coin seems to have adept electric potential, particularly if it comes in well lower than concluding year ’ mho coin. besides, the Mint is not expected to release a special eagle set following year and possibly not until the thirtieth anniversary in 2016. But if premiums do increase, it will credibly take a little fourth dimension, as the grocery store tries to determine the measure of the coin and waits to see what future mintages come in at .

2013-W proof Buffalo gold

Since the publication of my column discussing the sell-out of this mint, prices have decidedly started to move aggressively up, with raw and PF-69 coins selling for about $ 2200-2300, or $ 600-700 over topic price, and 70 ’ mho going for american samoa much as $ 1,000 over issue price. however, it is besides soon to say what the market respect of the coin will settle at, and many owners seem to be holding on to their coins for immediately .
immediately that the Mint has issued a revised sales human body of 18,596, which is several hundred below the 2008-W coinage, the 2013 coin is the newfangled king of proof Buffalos. deoxyadenosine monophosphate farseeing as it holds that condition, its monetary value should continue to do well .

Coin to watch: 2013 Mint Set, 2013 Five Star Generals half dollar, and 2013 Five Star Generals $5 gold coin

Each of these has the electric potential to become a new humble mintage key depending on sales of the coins and sets between now and December 31 when the commemoratives go off sale, and in the case of the Mint set whenever sales end, which could be soon as the located has been in backorder recently, and may end up coming in under the sales level of last year ’ south put at 392,224. so far the 2013 typeset has only sold 336,661, which bodes very well .
The gold $ 5 uncirculated coin in the Five Star Generals course of study, which honors Gen. Douglas MacArthur, one of the most celebrated and controversial generals in american history, is a coin I have been recommending for months. On December 23 the coin by chance sold out as most people expected it to be on sale through the stopping point sidereal day of the year. The latest sales figure for the coin is 5,612, which is entirely 438 more than the 1997 Jackie Robinson $ 5 coin that is the lowest coinage mint in the $ 5 gold commemorative series. The sales visualize for the 2013 coin may be adjusted a little, but as the newfangled 2nd lowest mintage mint, it is immediately in big demand. secondary prices immediately jumped to a minimum mark-up of 50 % over the $ 400 issue price to arsenic much as $ 1500 for a PCGS MS70 first strike coin .
finally, for the half dollar, there is about a 5,000 coin break between the 2011 Army coin and this year ’ sulfur in uncirculated condition, so the determinant of which is lowest will be whether more or less than 5,000 coins are sold by December 31. There was a spike of about 1,200 coins in the past workweek, but it is quite potential a newfangled first gear will be set with the 2013 half dollar. How a lot of a agio that will produce remains to be seen .

2014 Civil Rights commemoratives on sale Jan. 2:

On December 19 ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ? action=2014CivilRights ) the Mint revealed the design of the 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 commemorative ash grey dollar that honors the fiftieth anniversary of portrayal of that landmark legislation. The obverse depicts three protesters holding a sign that reads “ We Shall Overcome, ” and the reverse shows three intertwined flames, which were inspired by a passage from Martin Luther King, Jr.

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many collectors have already panned the purpose and said they would have preferred the Liberty Bell purpose that was considered. While the obverse design surely captures the root of the coin, the design fair does not grab a batch of people based on early reactions .

Louis Golino is a coin collector and numismatic writer, whose articles on coins have appeared in Coin World, Numismatic News, a phone number of different coin web sites in addition to being a contributor to “ american english Hard Assets magazine ”. His column for CoinWeek, “ The Coin Analyst, ” covers U.S. and populace coins and cherished metals. He collects U.S. and european coins and is a member of the ANA, PCGS, NGC, and CAC. He has besides worked for the U.S. Library of Congress and has been a syndicate columnist and news analyst on international affairs for a wide assortment of newspapers and web sites .

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