The Last of Us 2 Coins: How to find every collectible coin in the game

Trying to find The last of Us 2 coins ? There are a few of these collectibles to find, for a range of american states. They can be trickier to find than the trading cards you can besides collect so our guide to every The last of Us 2 mint location will help you get them all, and net the trophy that comes with it. SPOILER WARNING: This guide picks up near the hallway mark of The Last of Us 2  and continues through a big chunk of the latter half. As a result it’s spoiler territory if you haven’t got that far yet. Please don’t read any further until you find your first coin to preserve the story for yourself! The Last of Us 2 tips | The Last of Us 2 map | The Last of Us 2 safe codes and combinations | The Last of Us 2 workbench locations | The Last of Us 2 training manuals | The Last of Us 2 weapons and gear | The Last of Us 2 Easter eggs | How long is The Last of Us 2 | The Last of Us 2 new game plus | The Last of Us 2 ending | The Last of Us 2 trading cards

Tracking Lesson coins ( 1 )

Tracking Lesson coins (1)

( picture credit : Sony ) Virginia – You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate girl this one, but even indeed, you have to break the window in the menagerie gutter to get to the dumpster outside, and Abby will pick it up as you go to move the dumpster .

The stadium coins ( 4 )

The Stadium coins (4)

( image credit : Sony ) Alaska – As Abby, once you leave your apartment with Manny after collecting your things, it ’ randomness on the left on the floor. ( image credit : Sony ) Maine – On the means down to the frank playpen, this mint is on a board to your correct on one of the lower levels. ( double credit : Sony ) New Jersey – In the dugout after you retrieve your whelp, it ’ sulfur on the right behind the desk where the woman greets you. ( visualize credit : Sony ) Vermont – After the grease-gun stove with Manny, in the following board, take a left and its in a cabinet that ’ s open in the far corner. ( trope credit : Sony ) Kentucky – After the Seraphite ambush, this coin is on a mesa to the good after you pull down the scrape and lock yourself in the hardware shop. ( picture credit : Sony ) Massachusetts – In the hardware shop grassy bite after you push the door with manny after the zombi meet – far corner check. ( prototype citation : Sony ) Ohio – When you get trapped with Mel – place the ladder on the construct with the amobarbital sodium door behind you alternatively of using it to get across via the hang boat, it ’ s up there on a table with some pills. ( visualize accredit : Sony ) Indiana – Inside a trailer in the center of the sphere once you get out of the hatch with Mel – smash the window with a bottle or a gunfire to get in .

The Forward Base coins ( 3 )

The Forward Base coins (3)

( double credit : Sony ) California – once you get saved by the WLF and get out the car, to your correct will be a group of people talking, behind them on the concrete is a coin on the floor. ( persona credit : Sony ) New Mexico – After you check in precisely after California, take a left and it ’ s on a green crate next to people talking. ( persona recognition : Sony ) South Carolina – once you enter the apartments to meet Isaac, go left and its at the end of the table where people are ride eat .

hostile territory coins ( 1 )

Hostile Territory coins (1)

( double credit : Sony ) North Dakota – Abby remarks at the smell and you move through a dress storehouse, you can climb up on a truck straight ahead of you to enter a window – the card is in a drawer in the board you end up in .

The Coast coins (4)

( double credit : Sony ) Alabama – On your manner out to the aquarium after fighting the clickers, you climb improving to a highway – go the inverse way from the aquarium when you get improving there to find this coin on a cadaver. ( image credit : Sony ) West Virginia – On the boat as Abby, after you get the crossbow and kill the clickers, you ’ ll head through a hallway and it ’ s on your mighty in a voltaic pile with chemise bears and suitcases.

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( picture credit : Sony ) Utah – At the end of the gravy boat section, as you climb out of the cockpit in the captain ’ s area, turn around rather of heading the way you should go to find this coin. ( persona credit : Sony ) Mississippi – This one is easy to find, merely hop in the body of water fountain when you reach the aquarium and you can pick it up from the bed of the fountain .

The Shortcut coins (2)

( picture credit : Sony ) Nevada – On the way in with Lev, look up at the improbable buildings and there will be a barber shop to your right – the coin is behind the counter. ( image credit : Sony ) Colorado – Hop across the rapids from the Interbay memory with Lev, then out on the blue ledge in the far corner of the room is this mint. It ’ second in the upstairs region of the denounce with a dancing caterpillar mural in it .

The Descent coins ( 5 )

The Descent coins (5)

( trope credit rating : Sony ) Illinois – This mint is In the pool you drop in to, dive down to the bottom to grab it after you fall off of the crane. ( image credit : Sony ) Oregon – As you ’ re dropping down the infest building, this one is across a shine on the lower horizontal surface after you pick up the flamethrower, on a little table next to a growth in board 1107. ( image credit : Sony ) Wisconsin – When you drop down the elevator shaft after killing clickers with Lev, break the vending machine on your leave to get this one. ( image credit : Sony ) Rhode Island – After you escape the elevator shaft, check behind the bar in the clear area when you take your gasoline masks off to find this mint ( image credit rating : Sony ) Missouri – head to the right equally soon as the Wolves let you in the hospital sphere – it ’ s through the looking glass at the end of the hall .

labor Zero coins ( 2 )

Ground Zero coins (2)

( image accredit : Sony ) Washington – Behind the chocolate counter when Nora is leading you to the ICU post capture. ( image credit : Sony ) Hawaii – ampere soon as you get aside from the atrocious monster, Abby will pull up a grate to move forward. On your left, there ’ s a little security post with a white rim around the window. Break it to get this coin .

The Marina coins ( 2 )

The Marina coins (2)

( trope credit : Sony ) Kansas – a soon as you get control after Lev boats away, hop up a horizontal surface and its in the grass. ( effigy credit : Sony ) Louisiana – After you hop down to ground grade via the elevator, before going up the blue rail, go along and it ’ s under a tarpaulin on the correct .

The Island coins ( 3 )

The Island coins (3)

( trope credit : Sony ) Idaho – On the island with Yara you ’ ll use a run to climb up onto a highway and there ’ s a truck on your entrust which you can hop in to find this coin in the cargo bed. ( prototype credit : Sony ) North Carolina – After the island goes on senior high school alarm, and Yara suggests you cut through the log camp, there ’ s a car with an clear door on your left, and there ’ s a book on the floor with the coin on. ( trope credit : Sony ) Montana – This one is up in the sniper ’ randomness den in the beginning Seraphite camp. Head there when you clear it, climb up to the top of the barn and it ’ s at the end in a bale.

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The Escape coins ( 1 )

The Escape coins (1)

( effigy credit : Sony ) Arkansas – When Abby says “ is there a direction around these guys ? ” And you head out of a convenience memory with Yara and Lev, the final coin is to your left, adjacent to a alone patronize handcart .

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