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Every year the United States Mint puts together proof sets. These sets are made up of different denominations of validation coins from that particular class. Buy the 1972-S US Mint Proof Coin Set GEM Proof in Original Mint Packaging today and become the gallant owner of a musical composition of american coin bequest .
The US Mint began assembling sets like this one is 1936 and they have always been a favorite among the american people. Some people use it to commemorate a special event, possibly a parentage or marriage – others enjoy collecting a rig from each year. Either way they are a fantastic corner assemble of any collection .
The terminus “ proof ” is referring more about the mint process as opposed to the actual condition of a specific mint. Proof coins are made using highly polished blanks and are struck twice to produce a crisp, contrasting effigy. This 1972-S proof adjust is in GEM conditioning, meaning that the coins are in big condition. It comes in its original US Mint packaging, a big plus for anyone. The government promotion was updated in 1968 to be a firm fictile case with the heraldic eagle in the top middle, proudly displaying the beautiful coins. It can be kept in the accompanying blue cardboard box .

The Coins of the 1972-S US Mint Proof Set

There are five coins featured in the specify, although there were six denominations circulated during 1972 ( the Eisenhower $ 1 coin was left out ). They are the Lincoln Penny, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter, and the Kennedy Half Dollar. All of the coins in this 1972 US Mint Proof Set were struck at the San Francisco mint.

Lincoln made his appearance on the penny coin in 1901 to honor what would have been his hundredth birthday. The Washington quarter has been in production since 1932. The master blueprint was done by John Flanagan after some contest between himself and another interior designer. The Jefferson Nickel was first minted 6 years former in 1938, its reverse shows Jefferson ‘s home, Monticello in Virginia. Becoming the fourth coin to bear the face of a United States President, the Roosevelt dime bag was made in 1946 in memory of four-time President Franklin Roosevelt ‘s pass. And last, the Kennedy Half Dollar was minted in memory of the president of the united states ( who was assassinated ) in 1964.

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Existing designs by Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro were used which allowed the coins be ready for production promptly. The obverse is John F. Kennedy ‘s portrait and the revoke is a modified presidential seal .
Celebrate a particular year or add a missing piece to your collection by purchasing the 1972-S US Mint Proof Coin Set | GEM Proof in original Government Packaging now !

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