Canada One Cent Collection

This collection features a intrigue array of Canada ’ s historic one-cent coins from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II. It represents more than half a hundred of canadian history, with five different coins from five different sovereign.

The collection starts with the Large Cent that was issued during the predominate of Queen Victoria. The last memorize was struck in 1901, sol every coin is well over 100 years old. The coin is very big – even larger and heavier than a 25-cent mint – and was struck in copper. One side shows a classic portrayal of Victoria, while the early has a denomination and date surrounded by a wreath of maple leaves.

The Edward VII one-cent mint was issued from 1902-1910 and is besides the lapp big size. Most people have never seen even a unmarried Large Cent, and it is a truly rare opportunity to get two unlike coins in a single collection. The large Cent disappeared generations ago.

The following mint is Canada ’ s first small Cent, issued during the reign of George V. This coin was minted from 1920-1936. Canada introduced the Small Cent in 1920 as an economy quantify to reduce the sum of expensive copper being used in neologism. The reverse design is different from the Large Cent ; it has two minor maple leaves with the denomination and date.

George VI became king in recently 1936, and the George VI one-cent coin was struck from 1937 to 1952. The reverse design changed again, this time featuring two bombastic maple leaves that are attached to a branchlet.

The first one-cent coins for Elizabeth II were struck in 1953, and this collection features one of the first base coins from the 1950 ’ mho. The portrayal is the classic invention by Mary Gillick that appeared on early coins.

Each of the one-cent coins in this collection is a vintage offspring that has been out of consequence for many years. even the most recent mint ( Elizabeth II ) was issued at least 45 years ago, and the oldest is guaranteed to be over 100 years previous. Each is a prize collectible in its own right, and together they make a collection of unprecedented importance.

The complete collection is displayed in a custom collector ’ s wallet with historical information.

When you regulate this collection immediately, you will besides receive a FREE collection of the six decades of Queen Elizabeth II one-cent coins. Each decade is represented by a unlike mint, from the 1950 ’ mho to the 2000 ’ south. The 1953-1959 coin features the original Mary Gillick portrait ; the Arnold Machin portrayal was used until 1989 ; the Dora de Pedery-Hunt portrayal was used starting in 1990 ; and the mint from the 2000 ’ sulfur is the first copper plated steel coin and shows a raw ripen portrait.

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