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History, Information, and Value of 1930-S Indian Gold Eagle

Value of 1930-S Indian Head $10 Gold

The typical 1930-S Indian Gold Eagle displays detectable softness of detail in sequester areas. many are lightly impressed at the cardinal hair’s-breadth curls on the obverse and/or over the eagle ’ randomness left annex and trailing stage feathers on the invert. Mint State survivors possess excellent satiny or piano frosted luster. While most display at least a few noticeable abrasions, it is easier to locate a relatively smooth-looking 1930-S than it is for the 1911-D, 1913-S, 1915-S and 1920-S.
With such a bombastic phone number of coins struck in 1926, the federal government did not need any more eagles until 1930, when only the San Francisco Mint was called upon to strike coins. few 1930 San Francisco Mint eagles found their manner into commercial channels, however, and the majority of the mintage was finally melted in the belated 1930s after the gold recall. today this is one of the rarest amerind eagles in terms of sum number of coins extant, trailing barely behind the 1920-S in overall rarity. many survivors are circulated, but even in grades such as EF and AU the 1930-S is elusive. Mint State coins are rare, although with a concentration of examples at the Choice and Gem levels many of the survivors were likely obtained from the Mint or Treasury Department by contemporary collectors and other interested parties before the government stopped paying out gold coins at confront value in April 1933. A couple of in truth extraordinary examples have been certified MS-67 by PCGS and NGC, and the exemplar in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution is besides a Superb Gem.

The text on the indian Gold Eagle reads as follows. obverse : autonomy ; Date. | overrule : connect STATES OF AMERICA ; E PLURIBUS UNUM ; TEN DOLLARS.

If your mint ’ s textbook does not match the text shown above, then there is a chance your mint is either a counterfeit, or has been worn to the point that some words or now unlegible. Let the experts at take a look at your rare aureate coin to determine if it is authentic. If the coin was purchased from a coin principal or in a certifiable grade holder, then the chances are that your coin is authentic. If your coin was purchased from a online non-dealer source or at a flea market, then you may have reason to be doubting. Our experts will always be able to tell you if your coin is authentic and answer the old age old motion : “ How much is my amber coin worth ? ”

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