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The 2022 100 Year Anniversary of Iceland’s First Coins As A Nation

One hundred years ago in 1922 Iceland issued there first always partial laid of legal tender coins the 10 and


1948 Jefferson Nickel Value | JM Bullion™

1948 Jefferson Nickel Beginning in 1938, the U.S. Mint changed the design of the popular five-cent part. The Buffalo Nickel


Visiting the Numismatic Museum of Iceland – Blind Coin Collector

It was a identical unusual startle for a slip. In a long clock, the first meter I wasn ’ thyroxine


The U.S. Presidential dollar series: Failure or success?

The Reverse Proof 2015-P Kennedy dollar featured mirror devices and frost fields, the face-to-face of the traditional Proof ( or


How Much is a Gold Coin Worth? (Price Chart)

Most collectors believe that there is no more beautiful coin than the gold one in uncirculated condition, so each one


How To Collect Susan B. Anthony One Dollar Coins

Frank Gasparro designed the Susan B. Anthony ( S.B.A. ) one dollar mint and it was first base minted in


Susan B Anthony dollars explained and what makes the coin worth up to $500

today marks the birth date of Susan B Anthony – and some may be wondering if there are any valuable


Is It Ever OK to Clean Coins?

By Peter Mosiondz, Jr. for CoinWeek ….. Some types of coin clean might identical well improve a coin ’ s